Saturday, 13 September 2008

Japanese Magazine Freebies

Japanese ladies fashion and beauty mags often give away cute freebies. The mags under the Takarajima publishing company such as Sweet, Steady, Spring, Mini, InRed and Cutie come with a freebie virtually every issue. Here's a look at the current ones.

Magazine:Sweet October issue (out 12 September)
Cover Girl: pop star Ayumi Hamasaki
Freebie: Betsy Johnson 30th Anniversary vanity pouch (9x19x10.5cm)
Issue Theme: Coordinates for fall

Magazine:Steady October issue (out 6 September)
Cover Girl: model Carina
Freebie: Little Twin Stars digital camera case
Issue Theme: New dresses and tops modelled by readers

Magazine:Spring October issue (out 23 August)
Cover Girl: actress Kanno Miho
Freebie: Paul & Joe Sister vanity pouch (6x9.5x18cm)
Issue Theme: Fall fashion from over 1000 shops

Magazine:Cutie October issue (out 12 September)
Cover Girl: pop star/model Kimura Kaera
Freebie: Pen Case, Notepad, Pen in a Matrushka doll print
Issue Theme: Fall Shopping

Magazine:Mini October issue (out 1 September)
Cover Girl: actress Ueno Juri
Freebie: Headporter pass case with polka dots
Issue Theme: Adult poise, jackets and vests for fall

Magazine:InRed October issue (out 6 September)
Cover Girl: actress Koizumi Kyoko
Freebie: Tsumori Chisato chopsticks in a cat case
Issue Theme: Cute outerwear for ladies in their 30s

Magazine:Pinky October issue (out 22 August)
Cover Girl: actress Suzuki Emi
Freebie: Fleece case
Issue Theme: Fall fashion

Magazine:Nonno September issue
Cover Girl: model Tanaka Miho
Freebie: Anna Sui rose-print cosmetic case
Issue Theme: Fall fashion


Anonymous said...

I love when you post about Japanese magazines; it allows me to plan my spending accordingly! Did you get the October Sweet? I love the leopard print fleece slippers that came with it. If only American magazines would follow suit and include samples and freebies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post! I just told my DH to call Kino for STEADY and Cutie! :D I am such a sucker for these freebies :P

Haru said...


Am always glad to be of help! I wish I had a bigger budget for buying Japanese mags but they do cost a pretty penny in Singapore, about twice the price of what they cost in Japan so I have to be more selective as I'd rather spend the money on makeup that I can use rather than mags that I have to throw away eventually.

I haven't managed to snag Sweet yet, hopefully Kino will get it in later this week. But I totally agree, it would be awesome if the American mags included freebies. The UK women's fashion and lifestyle mags such as Elle, Red, Glamour regularly give away tote bags, slippers, even sunglasses, especially around the summer. So I don't see why the American mags don't do the same!

Anonymous said...

hello haru~
do u know wad time will the magazines up for sale?( roughly)