Sunday, 30 September 2007

Vintage Kiss

Kiss is a brand that I feature quite often on my blog as it's one of the most interesting drugstore brands in Japan. It's not as well-known as Majolica Majorca or Lavshuca and almost impossible to obtain outside of Japan but I like it as it's a fun, feminine brand with very affordable pricing. It's always interesting to see what they come up with as they usually release a new product or collection every month. The quality does vary across the different product categories but overall, Kiss has been steadily improving in terms of both product quality and design. The latest products such as the new duo blushes and makeup bases come in much more elegant packaging compared to before but the price points have also been edging upwards.

I was browsing through the Kiss product reviews on and came across pictures of many of their vintage products from years ago. It was interesting to see that Kiss has a penchant for recycling certain words in their product titles such as "choco", "twinkle", "snow" and "angel". Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to post these up for those of you who also like Kiss just to see how the brand has evolved through the years :-) Enjoy!

Glossy Choco Lip (Jan '06) & Melty Choco Lip (Jan'05)

Twinkle Gloss Syrup and Eye Nuance Twinkle (Nov '05)

Prism Cologne Puff (Apr'05) and Twinkle Snow Highlight (Nov '05)

Twinkle Aqua Glace and Twinkle Pressed Powder (Nov '04)

Twinkle Gloss Syrup (Nov '03 & Nov '04)

Lip Gloss & Venus Lash Silhouette (May '04)

Eye Color Palette & Doll Face Set (Nov '02)

Eye Color and Eye Gloss

Moist Angel Powder & Shiny Face Color

Creamy Cheek and Prism Cheek

Eye Color Pencil and Long Stay Eyeliner

UV Protect Veil, UV Base Cream

Aqua Gel Foundation, Air Soft Foundation, Base Smoother


Kathi said...

Thanks for this post! It's so cool to see those older Kiss items! I think the newer products are much more appealing! =D

Anonymous said...

I like Kiss too! Thanks to you I got introduced to it. :) Melty Choco Lip looks yummy. Hoping to see their Xmas range.