Saturday, 11 October 2008

Bea's Up December '08

The November issue of Bea's Up features the Christmas collections from 64 brands. In addition, Bea's Up is giving away the Christmas collections from over 40 brands to readers in this contest. Read on for the holiday collections from Lavshuca, Jill Stuart, Kiss and more!

Lavshuca Antique Collection (1890yen each)

Kiss Twinkle Angel Highlight (1470yen) and Pure Body Milk (1365yen)

Jill Stuart Christmas Collection (7875yen)

Esprique Precious Party Couture Collection (3675yen)

Eprise Snow Wish (7140yen)

Magie Decorte Coffret II (6300yen)

Elegance Gem Noel (7350yen)

Rimmel Kate Moss Special Set (6615yen)

Ettusais Crystal Tear Eyelash (1050yen), Strong Separate Mascara (1890yen), Cyrstal Tear Eyeliner (1260yen)

Sweets Sweets Puff Cheek PE6 (630yen)

Paul & Joe Body Fragrance Collection 001 (6825yen)

Est Diamond Surprise Eyes (6300yen)

Lush Super Natural (6220yen)

Estee Lauder Good as Gold (6825yen)

Armani Crystal Palette (12600yen)

Was that too much to absorb at one go? :-) I'm still waiting to see what Majolica Majorca and Maquillage will release. Actually, I think I'll be passing on most of the collections shown above, especially those that feature mostly white/silver or pale pastel shades as these just don't work for me. The Jill Stuart set does look pretty but I do wish they had put out a more unique quad.

Do you want any of the above? Do let me know in the comments!


Kathi said...

Oh, I really love that Esprique and Est stuff. I think I'll get those 2. Lavshuca makes me yawn though =(

kuri said...

That Esprique eyeshadow palette looks really cute, but I really don't need anything in that set.
The Est surprise eyeshadow looks pretty, but again, don't think I need those colors.

Armani looks nice, but I'm not going to pay that price!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, none jumps out ... I am a sucker for JS so most probably, if I can get it, I will end up with it :I