Thursday, 9 October 2008

Paul & Joe Mook

A reader has reported that the Paul & Joe Mook is available now at Kinokuniya in Bugis! It's priced around S$28, quite a mark-up compared to its original retail price of 1380yen (about S$20) but if you have a Kino card, you can get 10% off which makes the difference just a few bucks.

I'm getting my copy shipped from Japan so I don't know what the inside of the mag looks like except that there's an interview with the creator of Paul & Joe with pictures of her home and wardrobe. The 72-page mook is also more focused on the fashion label with about 12 pages on the makeup and skincare line, including the upcoming Christmas collection. The reviews on 2Channel said that the bag was surprisingly sturdy and can be used as an eco-bag for shopping.

Thanks for the tip-off, Joyce!


Anonymous said...

hi~! *waves* have u gotten yours yet? i'm still debating whther i should get it. kino open one of the mook and display it at the counter and they are big! i'm really surprised at the size but still wondering whether i should get this, cher mook (printed with their logo -> or topshop mook (this one has a really cute vinyl black with print pouch with it!)

ahh ~ cant afford to buy all three. -_-


Haru said...

Hi Rina,

I have the P&J Mook but I just burnt a hole in the cover by leaving a tealight candle burning on it through the night! Ack! Luckily, I had already removed the bag from the magazine.

The Topshop pouch and Cher mook don't really appeal to me so I didn't get those. I liked the P&J cat print so I really wanted the tote.