Saturday, 11 October 2008

Lavshuca Antique Collection

Lavshuca's limited edition holiday Antique Collection features two sets of eyeshadow duos paired with a liquid rouge in an antique box. Set #1 Antique Sepia includes a sepia brown/pale beige eyeshadow duo and a shiny beige lipgloss for a "classical nude" look while set #2 Antique Monochrome features a dark grey/greyish white eyeshadow duo and a shiny pink lipgloss for a "classical sweet" look.

Each set will retail for 1890yen, which is quite a good deal considering that Liquid Rouge usually retails for 1050yen and the Dual Prism Eyes duos are 1365yen. But again, the ubiquitous browns, beiges and pinks do not appeal to me at all and the box doesn't look that special so I'm hoping that Lavshuca will feature more vibrant shades in its Spring '09 collection.

The collection will be released on 11 November in Japan, same date as the new line of Stick Eyeshadows.

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Anonymous said...

loks inspired by a matchbox hahaha