Saturday, 25 October 2008

Jill Stuart Shimmering Body Powder

Pic of Jill Stuart's Shimmering Body Powder (3990yen) which will be released on 7 November in Japan. The gold and silver pearl powder is made with moisturising ingredients such as squalene oil and extracts of madonna lily, peony, rose and has a white floral scent.

The puff looks really pretty but unfortunately, I don't have any use for a shimmery body powder. I actually have a similar powder-in-puff from Kiss that I got as part of a "lucky bag" set a couple of years ago but I've only used it once. With the yen at a high against the S$ now, the Jill Stuart version costs about S$63, which for me is just too much for something that I will not use. The fact that it's limited edition means that it will probably sell out in a flash anyway.

A much cheaper alternative this holiday season is Majolica Majorca's Majolumina Powder in Puff which costs only 1365yen and comes in 2 variations.

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