Friday, 3 October 2008

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Matte Cream

Promo pic for Shu Uemura's new Rouge Unlimited Creme Matte lipsticks (3150yen, 12 shades).

Five new eyeshadow shades have also been added to the regular line-up.


Pink Sith said...

Hi: You wouldn't happen to know what color lipstick the model is wearing would you? I e-mailed CS at Shu but have not heard from them yet. Oh and Thank you for the update on the eye shadow. I didn't know they had new shades. I'm so excited to see them. I might have to get one or two of them!

cewek said...

Hi Haru!!

Guess what?? I've just came back from spending a long weekend at Melbourne and went to the new shu uemura counter at David Jones. Aaaaaannnnndddd guess what they have??? Nobara cream foundation!! They've got 7 shades out of the 9 and they cost AUD50 each. Naturally, I got 2 :P

Haru said...

Hey Cewek,

That's great! Is it your staple foundation? I've used Shu's liquid foundation before but was not impressed with it and ended up dumping the bottle while it was more than half-full.

Hey Elvira,

I'm afraid the website does not say what shade is used on the mode. Hope Shu CS gets back to you. It's already on the counters in Singapore, which I was quite surprised by!