Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Coffret D'Or Spring '09

Here's another pic of Coffret D'Or's upcoming Spring '09 collection which will debut on 16 December in japan. The theme of the collection is "Happy Mind Colors".

This looks much less impressive than Coffret D'Or's earlier eyeshadow palette releases. Sigh, I miss T'estimo.


plue said...

i think the colour is going to repeat themselves again for the eyeshadow palettes? >_<

Anonymous said...

seems the color range is abt the same as previous releases and the still the same 3 kind of e/s offering, just re arranged in a different pattern

makeupmag said...

Sigh...tell me about missing T'estimo. CdO just seems so bland!

the Muse said...

amen ditto. :(


I actually did finally break my boycott and purchased the new fluffy shiny eye cream shadows and those were actually good iris. kinda like visee aqua shining eyes in a pot ;)

Cheaper than JS Jelly Eyes too...asde from that the entire line is yada yada blah blah.


Love ya!