Sunday, 12 October 2008

Majolica Majorca Holiday '08

Just found this pic of Majolica Majorca's holiday collection on 2Channel. The Gorgeous Fur collection is, surprisingly, brown-themed! I think it's actually the first collection from MM that I've seen in the past 5 years that is brown-themed, and even more unusual that it's for Christmas when MM usually puts out silver-themed collections. Another surprise is that MM has chosen to release two Majolook (Illuminator) palettes, instead of Majolook (Trick On) which is much better than Illuminator. The cream eyeshadow base in the Illuminator palettes has a poor texture and it's a total waste of space.

The collection includes:

1. MajoIllumina Powder in Puff in GD (gold) and SV (silver) (1365yen)
2. Lash Gorgeous Wing: limited edition shade BR777
3. Majolook (Illuminator): BR799 and BR788 (1470yen)

I believe all items are limited edition. Since brown is really not my thing and I'm not a fan of the Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara, I'll probably be getting only the two MajoIllumina Powder in Puffs.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm.... not a must get collection