Saturday, 11 October 2008

Canmake Website Update

Canmake has finally updated its website with its recent new product releases.

Colorful Nails (7 shades, 378yen) is a new line of nail polishes that are supposed to be fast-drying and glossy, with a brush that's easy to use.

Color Wishes (6 shades, 483yen) is a new line of eyeshadow singles that are formulated with a pearl shimmer and are supposed to have good color pay-off. However, the initial reviews on 2Channel are not that great, with some ladies commenting that the color pay-off and texture is poor with the exception of the brown shade. It currently has an average of 4.1 stars (out of 9 reviews, max is 7 stars) on with the reviews being quite mixed. Some ladies like the shades but some complained that the lasting power was poor. I guess for the super low price, one needs to adjust expectations accordingly. That's the problem with Canmake, it is very affordable but the quality is patchy. Sometimes it produces excellent stuff like the Color Stripe Palette and Cheek Gradation #4 Chocolate but sometimes the quality is just totally off.

1 comment:

plue said...

Hi Haru,

the colours are pretty, but I doubt it will reach malaysia's shore anytime soon :(


but thanks for the info!