Friday, 10 October 2008

Jill Stuart Holiday Coffret

I know many ladies have been waiting for news of Jill Stuart's Christmas coffret and a photo has finally shown up on 2Channel! The pic is from the new issue of Sweet magazine. The coffret will be released on 21 November in Japan and it includes the usual pink-themed eyeshadow quad, a cherry lip gloss, a solid fragrance pendant, mirror and a vanity box.

Given the plethora of pink-themed eyeshadow quads in Jill Stuart's regular line-up, the Christmas coffret does not look like a must-have for me personally as I already have most of Jill Stuart's pink quads. But for collectors of Jill Stuart, the Christmas coffret is always an annual highlight and must-have. I'm glad to say that I can safely skip this without feeling any twinge of regret. That means more $$$ to spend on the Spring '09 collection, which hopefully will bring more interesting quads and blushes :-)

In November, Jill Stuart will also launch its body care line with a Body Milk and Bath Salt. The launch will also include a limited edition set that includes a shower gel and candle. There will also be two limited edition shiny body powders. On 12 December, Jill Stuart will release a limited edition Sweet Dreams EDT (7350yen, 50ml) which is described as a romantic vanilla scent with a fresh base. Sounds like something I'd like!

On a separate note, I find myself looking very much forward to the Christmas light-up along Orchard Road in Singapore this year. Hopefully it will be a beautiful one as people really need something to lift their spirits in these terrible financial times.


Laura said...

Hi Haru!

It is nice that you have been monitoring and have been keeping us updated on JS! Can I know what is the difference between JS's multiple pink themed eyeshadows? Also, I do feel like owning one myself but I have heard that the eyeshadows have issues like glitter fallout, so would you have a recommendation on what series has the best eyeshadow formula?

Thanks in advance! :)

Haru said...

Hi Laura,

If you don't like glitter fallout, I would recommend skipping the Brilliance Eyes series as those have the most amount of fallout but that is also the most pigmented and shimmery of the three series. I would recommend checking out the Illuminance Eyes series instead as I'm not a fan of the cream shade in the Seductive Eyes series.

The difference between the various pink-themed quads is basically the color combinations, and textures. The Brilliance Eyes series have a intensely pigmented and very shimmery texture, while the Illuminance Eyes series has a mix of the very shimmery texture plus a couple of shades that as smoother and more silky. Seductive Eyes series are of a the smoother, less intensely shimmery texture plus one cream shade.

If you're looking for a pink quad, I would recommend Illuminance Eyes #1 Jewel Dress (but bear in mind that this is quite a bright pink) or Brilliance Eyes #1 Pink Quartz (softer, feminine pink).