Friday, 24 October 2008

Majolica Majorca launch in Singapore

The Majolica Majorca counter was finally launched in the Watsons store in Ngee Ann City today after much anticipation. I was quite surprised to see the display which is wider than the usual display in Japanese drugstores. In addition, like some of the Watsons stores in Malaysia, there is an additional dresser display with testers of all the products.

There were also about 5 or 6 MM SAs around today to give makeovers and advice on the products. I doubt there will be so many SAs stationed there permanently but still it's good to see that Watsons/Shiseido is giving MM the promotional push that it deserves.

The line-up does not yet include the fall collection so items such as the new Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara and two Majolook (Trick On) palettes GR750 and BR751 are not in stock yet. The palettes and mascaras are priced at S$25.90 each while the single eyeshadows are S$9.90. I highly recommend the single eyeshadows in SV821, BL724, SV830, all of the GR shades as well as BR665 and BE286. MM's single eyeshadow line-up used to have up to 32 shades but these have been gradually cut back as the Majolook line was expanded. It's quite a pity as the single eyeshadows have a richer, more shimmery texture than the Majolook palettes, especially the Metallics.

Happy shopping, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,
What time were you there? I was also there setting up my shelf. Missed another chance to meet up with you. I am surprised they allow you to take pictures there.

Haru said...

Hi Soh,

I was there at about 7.45pm? I snapped the photos with my handphone and nobody minded ;-p

Anonymous said...

This is pretty exciting indeed!

clara said...

It's about time!
Has it launched at other Watson's stores also? Definitely checking it out tmr. ( :

Haru said...

Hi Clara,

MM has not launched at other Watsons stores yet. I'm not sure when it will expand to other stores.

Happy shopping!

MiuMiu said...

i think i would faint if i see that display. i hope it'll get to hong kong too!