Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Guerlain Midnight Butterfly

A Chinese blog reported on Guerlain's upcoming holiday collection, Midnight Butterfly. The promo images make the collection look incredibly delectable, possibly the most tempting and well-designed Christmas collection that I've seen so far this year. But that may be because I tend to like butterfly motifs. I'm not a Guerlain fan normally, but this is one collection that is definitely worth checking out in person.

The spray bottle with the butterfly on the cap is supposed to a luminising powder that can be sprayed on the face, body or hair. The face powder with the butterfly print on the surface looks pretty too. Being Guerlain, one can expect that the items will cost a pretty penny and some but I'm sure it'll be snapped up in a jiffy anyway.

It's always good to see a mature, established brand stepping up its game. Take that, Estee Lauder with your "blockbuster" sets!


kuri said...

That's a gorgeous promo image!

Anonymous said...

I like butterfly motifs too. That ad is gorgeous! I'm tempted to get the e/s palette now.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty butterfly motifs! I am not a Guerlain fan at all; altho' I did fall for their Pucci collection which to date, I have not used at all!!! :/ Hope that this will be a more "user friendly" collection!