Thursday, 23 October 2008

Beaute de Kose Christmas Coffret

Pic of Beaute de Kose's Christmas coffret which will be released on 21 November in Japan.

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Anonymous said...

i also saw another set [esrique maybe not beaute de kose, i cant remember now] in the stores which had testers available
it was to be released on 26th november

comes in a heart shaped velvet box with a little white puff thing on it. 3 eyeshadows inside [pink and white and something i forgot, each with a snowflake in it as well]

not the best info XD i will go back to the store and get photos

Haru said...

Hi Yumeko,

I believe you are referring to the Esprique Precious Christmas coffret :-) I posted the pic in an earlier blog post. Unfortunately, I think the combination of eyeshadow shades look quite pale and washed out. Probably suitable for ladies who prefer a more natural look.

I wish I still had easy access to Japanese drugstores, I miss them so much!

Anonymous said...

ah you did!! sorry i missed that picture somehow
i surf at work and i have to keep my surfing window really small and some pic heavy posts get squished XD

yah they really arent much
i tried it out and i didnt think much of them, though its cheap for that many things in it

do come back to tokyo soon!