Friday, 24 October 2008

Ebihara Yuri x CanCam

Fans of Maquillage are probably familiar with Japanese model, Ebihara Yuri, who is one of the spokesmodels for the brand. Ebihara, popularly known as Ebi-chan in Japan, is also well-known as an exclusive model for a Japanese ladies' magazine, CanCam. As CanCam is targeted as ladies in their early 20s and the university crowd, it was decided that the December issue of CanCam would feature the "graduation" of Ebi-chan from the magazine as she is already 29 years old.

There is an interesting video of Ebi-chan's last shoot for CanCam on CanCam's website, which saw a group of CanCam readers (all female of course) watching the shoot and squealing incessantly "KAWAII!" (cute/adorable) or "CHO KAWAII!" (super cute) at each pose that Ebi-chan strikes.

It's almost an art form that Ebi-chan has got down pat, namely how to look and act cute even as she nears the age of 30. For me, watching the Japanese women in the video is almost like watching an alien species. Personally, I just cannot identify with why any adult woman would choose to act so incredibly childish and artificial.

This is not an attack on Ebi-chan, whom I also think is very pretty and a great model. What I dislike is the fake-ness of that doll-like look and cutesy poses that I see in Japanese magazines and also in various Chinese blogs. You know that whole long flowing digital-permed dyed locks, chin down and eyes super-wide open with an act-innocent expression look?



Anonymous said...

Iris, you crack me up! :)

Unknown said...


I sooooo agree with you! It's really not terribly becoming for a grown woman to be all cutesy.

Blimey!! celebrate womanly-ness!!

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable and she's also looking for a husband