Saturday, 9 October 2010

Anna Sui Necklace Rouge and Facial Soap Set

Anna Sui will release the following limited edition products on 2 December in Japan.

Necklace Rouge (5460yen): Rhinestone-studded necklace opens up to reveal a lip rouge formulated with rosehip oil and honey extract. The necklace chain is 85cm. This will be available in two shades, #1 Fancy Pink and #2 Playful Orange.

Facial Soap & Soap Dish (3150yen): High-foaming tea-rose scented trio of soaps. Unfortunately, this will not be available in Singapore.

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Love love the pretty necklace and your wonderful collection of gorgeous makeup!:-)

Kimberly Xie-aka-Kinna said...

OMG THE NECKLACE! (Sorry, am speaking in caps as I'm mentally squealing here)

So PRETTY.....

But that's too costly, for a rouge/necklace. So I will practise restrain. ><

I will. REFRAIN.


kuri said...

That necklace is really lovely, but I too will refrain...