Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Coffret D'Or Website Update

Coffret D'Or has updated its website with the upcoming Spring 2011 collection which will be released in December.


visee said...

The cheek palette looks pretty! However I really dislike the casing. It seems rather old fashioned and bulky. Not quite what I'd expect from Coffret D'Or.

miaka said...

will this range be available in singapore before they pull out?

Summer said...

Hi Haru

Thanks for the coffret d'or update, they produce pretty pink, coral lipstick :)

Have been reading your blog every day and has a question today. hope you don't mind :)

i saw you use some of Anna Sui product like concealer and also invited for their launch preview. just wonder if you use their compact powder before? i heard great raves on their purple compact pressed powder, it brightens up complexion very well


Laura said...

hi haru, I think coffret d'or may have made a right decision targeting the 30s - 40s age group as they seem to be the spenders in the beauty industry. however, the sudden revamp of the brand image when they were so successful during the initial launch is risky. coffret d'or has never been particularly successful with their base makeup, and only gained popularity with their eyeshadows and lip colors. the only way would be to change their potential target group and hope its products appeal to them.

Haru said...

Hi Miaka,
Nope, I heard from the Kanebo SA that they are not bringing in any more new Coffret D'Or products after the summer collection (with the five Beauty C Curve palettes).

Hi Summer,
I haven't used their compact powder before although I do have their light purple loose powder which has a bit of shimmer in it. It has a bit of an illuminating effect but doesn't last very long on my oily skin.

Anonymous said...

does suqqu offer GWP

Haru said...

Yes, from time to time.