Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I chanced across the Domo merchandise sale going on at Level 4 of Isetan Scotts today and couldn't resist getting this memo clip for a friend who's a Domo aficionado.

It tickles me immensely how the Domo stays afloat with his slightly crazed "RAWR!" expression no matter how you tilt the cube!

This was on sale for S$9.90, down from the usual price of S$19.90. The other merchandise on sale include pillows, mugs, a DVD, phone accessories, plastic folders, bedroom slippers etc.

For myself, I got this sheet of Domo stickers, a bargain at just S$1.50.

My favourites are the ones of Domo running amok!

Yes, I am easily amused :-)


Furry Guy! said...

That's sooooo cute!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru~

Er..... scotts isetan is the one at shaw house one is it? Im confuse :P

Haru said...

Yes, Isetan Scotts is the one with Lido cinema on the 5th floor. Isetan Orchard is the one at Wisma Atria.

Anonymous said...

OMG SO CUTE!HAHAHA thanks for the info,I'm gonna go down and grab me some!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to ask something not related to your post but too face enchanted glamourland will be out on 11 November? I forgot the date >.<

Haru said...

I don't know the release date for the Too Faced palette. You should try asking on the Sephora Singapore Facebook page.

Hi rin,
Happy shopping! :)