Sunday, 10 October 2010

Canmake Gokunobi & Gokubuto mascaras on sale

Canmake's new Gokunobi and top-selling Gokubuto mascaras are currently on sale at just S$18.90 at Watsons until 20 October! The usual price is S$23.90. The sale price is still several dollars above the retail price in Japan but it's much more affordable now. After thinking about it for awhile, I bit the bullet and purchased it.

If you spend S$30 on Canmake, you get 40 bonus points if you are a Watsons member. Every 20 points gets you $1 off your purchase. There's still no sign of the Melty Nude Lipsticks although I did see the Nudy Glow Rouge lipglosses which are S$19.90 (about double the price in Japan).


Kas said...

I have the Gokubuto mascara from sometime back but in the end, I think I preferred the Fairy Drops one - it somehow seemed to get between the lashes more? What do you think of the Gokubuto?

Jenni said...

If you do see the melty nude lipsticks, do try them on!! :D the formula is amazing, you can check out my swatches here ^^:

03 is always sold out in HK and it's also my favourite too!