Friday, 29 October 2010

Shu Uemura Miracle Cherry Blush Tint

I picked up the Shu Uemura Blush Tint in Miracle Cherry from the Robinsons Centrepoint counter earlier today. It was out of stock when I purchased the other pieces from the Abracadabra Collection on Tuesday but the SA said that I could pay for it first and collect it after they re-stock it.

It took me probably all of two seconds to decide to get this as the illustration is my favourite character in the whole collection. I was also won over by the light gel texture. At S$35, it doesn't break the bank.

Here's the ingredients list. Unlike the palettes, the blush tint is made in Japan. The shelf life of 24 months gives you plenty of time to use it up.

The tint is similar to a limited edition one that MAC released some years ago. It is very lightweight and non-greasy. Due to the dimethicone, it feels very smooth when applied and has no stickiness at all.

It is very easy to apply and blend with one's fingertips. It applies sheer and can be layered for the desired intensity.

Blended out some more for a more natural flush.

My Abracadabra Fantasy collection :-)


Unknown said...

waaa lucky! they are so cute x3 bet you can't wait to get it. haha

Magdalena said...

Sooo cute! :D

Anna said...

Ah you're so lucky to have a local store that sell shu uemura, I still don't know how to get my goodies this year. The entire collection is SO cute, I envy you for what you got X)

Haru said...

Do you know anyone in the US who can help you order from the Shu Uemura USA website? The prices in the US are quite reasonable actually.

Anna said...

@Haru: Unfortunately not :/ I had luck to grab some goodies when I was in Milan, but that's it haha

Kathi said...

The illustrations are so cute! I love that last pic of your collection put together!

Btw did the package not arrive yet? It´s quite some time since I sent it so I am worried if it didn´t show up yet =X

Kelly from Blue Jeans and Glasses said...

Hi. Were you able to look at the Shu Uemura holiday brush set? Is it really tine? Can you let me know what you think about it?

Haru said...

hi Kathi,
The package arrived, sorry I just emailed you!

hi Kelly,
The brushes are quite small and I didn't find the quality to be worth the price tag. Some of the brushes weren't as well-shaped and soft as Shu's regular brushes. Personally, I prefer brushes with longer handles that are easier to hold, so the mini brushes are not for me. The brush case also seemed a tad flimsy. I liked the illustration but not enough to pay S$125 for the set.

dontcallmejessie said...

I just posted about my Shu haul, too. Love this collection!

aichaku-愛着 said...

the entire set is so cute! i haven't been paying attention to Shu Uemura sets but now you got me interested in this set! <3

Anonymous said...


Just wondering, would the blush tint work on lips too? Are there any detriments or reasons why it shouldn't be used as a lip tint too?

Have you tried and so you have any photos of using it on lips? For example in comparison to Benetint or Posietint etc.



Haru said...

hi Miranda,
Since the product description for the Blush Tint does not mention that it can be used on the lips, I would not use it on the lips as I don't know if it is safe to ingest.

Anonymous said...

This cheek tint is a must have, it's so gorgeous. I love the smell too. They should make it permanent.