Sunday, 31 October 2010

Women's Fair 2010

I went to the Women's Fair 2010 at Marina Square this morning with my mother. Organised by Her World, Nu You and Simply Her magazines, the fair started on Friday and today is the last day.

Aside from generous gifts for new subscribers, there were also loyalty gifts for existing subscribers and a variety of companies exhibiting their products and services.

We were there primarily to pick up the free set of Dove Damage Therapy shampoo and conditioner that you can redeem with coupons from any two of the three magazines. The giveaway for 2000 sets started at 11am. When we arrived at 10.40am, there was already a queue of more than 40 people! Later in the morning, the queue dissipated and one could pick up the set without having to queue.

There was a long queue for these "Happy Bags" that retailed at only S$3 and contained a wide variety of products. Many are deluxe sample sizes and convenient for travel. I saw some ladies lugging four or five each!

My bag contained shampoo, hand sanitiser, toothpaste, drinks, sunblock lotion, laundry detergent etc.

There was also a sure-win lucky dip for registering as a member of on the spot.

I registered my mom and myself and got these Burberry and Givenchy fragrance samples :-)

The magazines were also available for purchase at the fair and each issue came with a generous goodie bag. My mother decided to buy Simply Her, which was only S$4.20. Some of the items in the goodie bag were the same as those in the Happy Bag.

I've been using the Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner for the past week with excellent results, which was why I was keen to get this set. Both are 700ml with a combined retail value of S$23.60. All in all, it was a very fruitful trip!


Emily said...

When is the woman fair ending?

Haru said...

hi Emily,
Today is the last day of the fair.

Trix said...

Ah I love those vitamin drinks!