Saturday, 9 October 2010

Canmake Five Effect Foundation

The Canmake website has been updated with the new Five Effect Foundation (1029yen). Available in 3 shades with SPF31 and PA++, it is supposed to act as a beauty essence, sunblock, makeup primer, foundation and finishing powder.

There is also a new limited edition Cream Cheek in #9 Pinky Rose (609yen).


Anonymous said...

technically 5 effects sounds kinda overrated cos we cant possible apply the blush over the entire face!~...i'll put it on my checks and the rest of my face gets tanned & oily lol! u noe when the nudy melty lipsticks are coming to SG?...i've been waiting but no news so far... :/ Thanks!~

Haru said...

I don't have any info on whether/when the nudy melty lipsticks are coming to Singapore. I'll update here if I come across them in Watsons.

The 5 effects claim is for the foundation and not for the Cream Cheek blush. Nevertheless, I do think the 5-effects are exaggerated because it looks like a typical foundation. The BB Creams that started this trend of claiming to be an all-in-one product and hence, now we see beauty companies making ever more claims for a single product.