Sunday, 10 October 2010

Lush Sex Bomb

My husband bought this Lush Sex Bomb bath ballistic for me as a surprise present a few months ago. I finally decided to use it today to for a long relaxing bath soak fore the start of yet another work week.

According to the description on the Lush website, it has jasmine absolute, which is said to be an aphrodisiac. The clary sage and ylang ylang oils also help "to make you feel like a lover" while soya milk makes the water beautifully milky and softens your skin. The scent reminds me very much of walking into a Lush store. It's a soft soothing floral scent that is not too cloying.

The pink rose in the centre is a cute touch but it's actually not of much use in the bath as it turns somewhat gummy. I rubbed it against my legs like a soap to melt it but it doesn't produce any lather.

Aside from being quite relaxing, the essential oils in the bath ballistic do make a noticeable difference to my skin. Most shower gels tend to leave my skin squeaky clean but after using Sex Bomb, my skin felt distinctly softened, smooth and moisturised. The scent also lingers on my skin for quite some time.

I loved the Sex Bomb bath experience but it's just such a pricey indulgence that I doubt I will be re-purchasing this frequently. It's quite large at 200g so you can cut it up to enjoy it over two baths but I wanted to experience the full effect of one. In the UK, Sex Bomb retails at £2.95 (about S$6.15) while in the US, it costs US$6.45 (S$8.40). My husband paid 350 rupees (about S$10) for it in New Delhi.


Anonymous said...

Cute bath ballistic! Love the flower! Lovely ornament.
And it looks like bathing in a pink syrup :D

Kas said...

Love the scent description and the shade it turned the water!

Blovet Beauty said...

such a pretty pink! i love the smell of sex bomb!

Tammy said...

I love the pink water..!