Saturday, 30 October 2010

Cosmopolitan Hong Kong x Anna Sui

The November issue of Cosmopolitan (Hong Kong) comes with an Anna Sui clear plastic pouch and polyester drawstring pouch. The magazine is retailing at S$13.91 and just arrived at Kinokuniya today. There were about 10 copies when I was at the Ngee Ann City store this morning.

It's quite a whopper of an issue that comes with a separate 312-page Beauty & Health supplement and a 40-page Anti-aging War supplement.

The plastic pouch is quite well made with Anna Sui's signature butterfly and rose icons.

The drawstring pouch material feels thin but it can hold a number of small makeup items.

I like transparent pouches as you can see the products inside clearly without having to waste time rummaging through the pouch.

The Beauty & Health supplement comes with Suisse Programme Recovery Eye Gel Cream (2ml) and a Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Soothing Concentrate (2ml).

Earlier at Kino this week, I was also pleasantly surprised when a Kino staff approached me while I was flipping through a magazine and asked if I was Haru and then she passed me the Lux haircare samples that were missing from my earlier copy of With magazine. Many thanks to Kino for the excellent customer service!


strawblade said...

What is a mook?


Haru said...

It's Japanese publishing lingo for "magazine book". Mooks are basically magazines that focus on a specific brand, e.g. Jill Stuart, and they are usually published seasonally.

strawblade said...

Thanks for the answer. I recently started reading your blog and it's really informative. It helps to know what the latest products are and how they measure up to one another.