Sunday, 3 October 2010

Cosme Decorte AQ Product Pics

Here are some close-up shots of the Cosme Decorte AQ makeup products. The AQ stands for "Absolute Quality" and is reflected in the elegant pale gold packaging of the products. The Rouge Supreme lipsticks are probably one of the most expensive lipsticks in the Singapore market at S$85 each (although I think that is still less than the price of Cle de Peau lipsticks). These are available in 15 shades.

There are nine Shadow Supreme palettes available in Singapore (versus fourteen in Japan).

The eyeshadows come in a variety of textures. Some shades have a delicate shimmer and are good for illuminating the eyes, while other shades have more of a satin or semi-matte finish. The colour payoff varies among the individual shades so it is still best to use a good primer to get the eyeshadows to show up well and last throughout the day. Thankfully, none of the shades contain any chunky glitter bits. The quad below is Shadow Supreme 026.

Aside from the gold colloid powder, the eyeshadows are also formulated with skincare ingredients such as white birch water, chimaphila umbellata extract, rose hip oil, safflower extract, shea butter, phospolids and tri-glycerides. Below is Shadow Supreme 024.

The palettes retail at S$89 each (for 8.8g of product), a tad more expensive than Chanel quads (which contain a paltry 1.2g of product) but still less than Dior quints (S$91 for 6g). Due to the strong yen, the Shadow Supreme palettes are actually cheaper in Singapore compared to Japan, where they retail for 6825yen each (about S$108). Surprisingly, the price in Singapore is also cheaper than Taiwan, where it costs NT$2150 (about S$91). I couldn't check the price for Hong Kong as the Cosme Decorte HK website is broken. Below is Shadow Supreme 027.

Shadow Supreme 022

Shadow Supreme 021

Shadow Supreme 018

Shadow Supreme 023

The four blushes, pencil and liquid eyeliners, mascara and makeup base (in the gold tube on the left side of the tray).

I liked the Makeup Base SPF18 PA+. This comes in two shades: 01 (Moist) a very pale lilac-toned white that helps to brighten up the skintone and 02, a very pale green that helps to correct skin redness. The pics below show 01.

When blended out, the Makeup Base provides a very smooth, non-greasy canvas. The appearance of the fine lines are minimised and my skin appears more supple.

The Nuance Glow in GD003 (with gold and silver pearl for natural brightness) and WT001 (white silver with white pearl for glowy and clear skin).

The Face Powder N is only available in one shade (001). Not only is the powder very finely milled and gives a dreamy, polished finish, the cotton puff also feels incredibly soft and luxurious. However, the price tag will give most ladies pause as it costs about S$183. (In Japan, it retails for 12600yen, which is about S$199.)

The Cosme Decorte AQ makeup line is currently available at Isetan Scotts (tel: 6836-1159) and Takashimaya (tel: 6836-9159).


BeautyOnTheWay said...

OMG, they are soooo pretty! I like Supreme 024.

ashura said...

The packaging is really really fanciful. I can't help but think that I am paying a lot for the packaging =) though the shades are really beautiful! Unique combinations

FarahDean said...

The Shadow Supreme palette us HKD450 which is about our price. I love the quality of the es, I love the greys #024 but it is similar to Shiseido Snow Shadow which I already hv(now I wished I did not get this last week @_@).

Haru said...

Thanks for the HK price info, Farah!

Hi ashura,
The CD quads are expensive but I find their packaging to be more luxurious compared to Chanel or Dior. Ultimately, it is best see if you like the texture of the eyeshadows and the shade combinations in order to decide if they are worth the price. Some ladies may prefer more pigmented eyeshadows than those by Japanese brands which tend to be a bit sheer.