Saturday, 9 October 2010

YSL Beauty Mook

The second YSL Beauty mook will be released on 12 October in Japan. My guess is that it will be available at Kinokuniya stores in Singapore next Wednesday. Expect it to be priced around S$30 (the price in Japan is 1300yen).

The 75-page mook comes with this bag measuring 32 x 35 x 9cm. The bag has a magnetic closure at the top. The design is inspired by the cummerbund of a tuxedo!

You can view the other upcoming mooks on the TKJ website.


kenji_sugizo said...

Due to Japan Holiday I think shipment will be delayed till Thursday

Philip G. said...

hi. can you recommend a japanese magazine that specializes in high fashion and beauty? (like vogue nippon and 25ans)

Haru said...

Hi Phil,
Aside from Vogue Nippon, there's also the Japanese versions of Elle and Harper's Bazaar for high fashion but I don't read these magazines.