Friday, 15 October 2010

Coffret D'Or Revamp for Spring 2011

Coffret D'Or will undergo its first major revamp since its debut in December 2007. Some of you may recall that Coffret D'Or was introduced by Kanebo as a "total makeup brand" that included both base and colour makeup, replacing T'estimo and Revue. At that time, its core target was ladies in their 20s. With this revamp, Coffret D'Or is focusing its attention on ladies in their 30s, who make up the largest segment of the beauty market in Japan. Within that, Coffret D'Or hopes to appeal especially to ladies in their early 30s and enhance their enjoyment of putting on makeup.

The "Happy Charming"-themed spring collection introduces black and white refillable compacts with a shiny belt design motif, allowing the customers to customise their own palettes. The collection includes:

1. Essence Stay Rouge: Moisturising, shiny lipsticks in 12 shades

2. Bright Up Rouge: 8 lipsticks that apply true to how they appear and help make skin look more beautiful

3. Eyes Appeal Shadow: 5 variations

4. Perfect Grade Eyes: Eyeshadow duos in 4 variations

5. Beauty Shape Designer: Blend cheek and 3-tone face colour in 3 variations.

6. 3D Glamorous Mascara: Volumising and separating mascara in 2 shades

7. Shadow/Powder case (L): 2 types

8. Shadow/Powder case (S): 2 types

It's a pity that Coffret D'Or will be pulled from Singapore at the end of this year although one can always order online from or


Ling said...

Lucky lotuspalace! :) I read you sent her the SANA natural resource which i am desperately looking. I have sensitive skin and read this range is suitable. I went to larger Watson chain in marina square and tampines area but no Sana natural resource at all? do u know where can we get it dear?

I don't think the largest branch in ngee ann city has it too, maybe it's too big, i miss but i really didn't see
can tell me where u buy this brand?

Haru said...

Hi Ling,
You can find the Sana Natural Resource range at Sasa stores, like the one on Level 1 of Wisma Atria where I bought it. The line is not available in Watsons.

Kathi said...

Haha, they are revamping their line for ladies in their 20ies to ladies in their 30ies just when I turn 30 =P Well done, Coffret D´or! =P
That being said, the things look nice but I don´t like the black...reminds me too much of Bobbi Brown, Chanel etc.
Btw. i got the Meteorites Perles D´or and the Rouge G in Bee today! Really pretty and luxurious products! =D

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,
The new blush powders look interesting but the packaging is a bit staid.

That's great! Looking forward to reading your reviews :-)