Thursday, 7 October 2010

Clinelle Happy Skin Bloggers Event

Clinelle organised a dinner session with a group of beauty bloggers earlier this week to preview its upcoming new product launches.

The event was held at the Heart Bistro in Palais Renaissance.

I haven't tried Clinelle skincare before although I have seen it at our local Watsons stores. Clinelle is a US-based skincare brand. The products are manufactured in France and Germany. Clinelle's "Happy Skin Happy Face" philosophy is centred around nourishing and protecting skin properly for a natural inner radiance and confidence.

Clinelle's products are formulated without artificial colouring and fragrance, comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients, lanolin, mineral oil and SD alcohol so as to reduce the risk of skin irritation and breakouts. The RX3 Action system of "Repair, Refine and Reshield" works through a combination of botanical extracts, natural essential oils and antioxidants to address skin concerns such as acne, ageing and dullness.

Most of Clinelle's skincare products have very light, non-greasy textures. One example was this UV Defense SPF28 (S$39.95, 50ml).

When blended out, there was no whitish cast although you can see a slight sheen.

Here's the ingredients list.

Aside from skincare, Clinelle also has a few base makeup products such as its Oil Free Smoothing Compact and this Blemish Conceal & Clear Stick (S$16.95, 0.28g).

I was surprised by the smooth, slightly emollient texture. It appears to blend quite well.

Jasmine, the product trainer, did a short skincare demonstration and taught us some very useful massaging techniques to be used when applying skincare.

One surprise element in the evening was the caricaturist who did individual caricatures in just five minutes per person!

With Jessie, Chantana (everbluec) and Joyce (Atelier Beauty).

I came back with a set of Clinelle's new products: the Brightening Serum (S$35.90), Blemish Clear Mask (S$39.90) and Blackhead Control Gel (S$25.90).

So far, I've only tried the Brightening Serum which is supposed to help lighten post-blemish skin discolourations, even out skin tone and re-hydrate the skin. It leaves my skin a little bit sticky but without any oiliness. I think it would have been better if the bottle was opaque as sunlight can cause the active ingredients to break down and lose their efficacy.

Here's the product description and ingredients list.

I'll review the other two products after I've tried them out for some time. Thanks for reading!


carpe diem said...

hi dear, do share with us the massaging technique!

Michelle said...

I have not heard of Cinelle but would love to hear how the serum turn out for you. Great caricature!

Vonvon said...

It's interesting to note that brands in Singapore are always organizing events for bloggers! :)

Rachel said...

Clinelle sounds good for my really sensitive skin. I might go try out the sunscreen as I haven't been able to find one that works for me yet. You look great in the caricature! :D

Furry Guy! said...

The drawing is sooo cute!!!!

Ling said...

not related to makeup post..just wonder what bag you use? a good friendly bag is our best outdoor company! :)

Haru said...

hi Ling,
Do you mean my handbag? Currently, I am using a Kate Spade handbag, which you can see here.

Haru said...

hi carpe diem,
For applying moisturiser and toner using cotton pads on the forehead area, the trainer applies it in an outward motion from the centre of the forehead to the temples. For the cheeks and chin, she does it from the centre of the face outwards and upwards.