Thursday, 17 February 2011

Accessorize Makeup and Illusion Nail Polishes

Just arrived in London yesterday where I'm visiting my brother and sister-in-law for a few days. As usual, Oxford Street was my first stop. At the Superdrug near Marble Arch, I was delighted to find the new Accessorize display.

I had been reading about the nailpolishes and baked eyeshadows/highlighters on various British beauty blogs, some of which mentioned that the gorgeous duochrome nailpolishes were highly elusive and often in short supply in Accessorize shops. The makeup line appears to be an exclusive collaboration with Superdrug and very easy on the wallet with prices ranging from £3 to £9.

Most of the makeup is designed in the UK and made in China. I like the butterfly motifs on the packaging but some of the cardboard packaging did look a bit tacky and not well-made.

The standouts for me were the nailpolishes which cost a mere £4 for 10ml. These are made in the UK and the initial reviews on blogs have been positive. The range of shades is excellent, from creamy nudes to brilliant metallic duochromes.

#35 Pink Spice (left in the pic below) immediately reminded me of MAC's Bad Fairy nail lacquer from the Venomous Villains collection while #38 Aztec (right) looked similar to Mean & Green Nail lacquer, also from Venomous Villains. You can see excellent swatches of Aztec on the fabulous Lipglossiping.

#39 Mermaid (left in the pic below) reminded me of OPI Catch Me In Your Net with its brilliant glittery finish but with a brighter emerald tone. #42 Electric Blue is a bright cobalt.

#40 Purple Dream is a gorgeous purple/blue duochrome.

From left to right: Mermaid, Electric Blue and Pink Spice

Aztec, Purple Dream and Purple Passion.

Here's the ingredients list.


galpal.hi said...

Have fun in London!


Lynn said...

everything looks so good! Argh, this post tempted me to check out Accessorize's makeup and nail collection online, and i think my shopping list is growing longer :(

Jamie K. said...

oh my! im interested in getting one of those, the Bad Fairy dupe so to speak! could u purchase for me? if not, its ok too!


purplio said...

purple dreams looks very similar to Orly's galaxy girl just by "eyeballing" the pics

Ivy Low said...

i'm missing London Iris! Have loads of fun there k?!