Thursday, 17 February 2011

RMK New Base Makeup

Here are pics of RMK's new Pressed Powder N and UV Face Protector EX SPF43 PA+++ from

The Pressed Powder N comes in 5 variations ranging from a translucent white to tanned beige.

The Pressed Powder N comprises four powders with different textures. "A" is for concealing pores and skin unevenness, "B" is for restoring skin's radiance, "C" is for enhancing skin translucency and "D" is the colour correcting shade for adding radiance and correcting skin redness.

RMK is also revamping its UV Face Protector (2940yen, 35g) to give a higher sun protection factor. The water-based sunscreen contains several moisturising fruit extracts. This will be released on 18 March in Japan while the Pressed Powder N (4725yen, 8.5g)will be released on 4 March together with a new Smoothing Polished Base.


Anonymous said...

that loose powder looks very promising! -h.

Hannah said...

Hi Iris, do you have any idea when these 2 products will be launched in S'pore?

Haru said...

Both the Pressed Powder N and new makeup base are already available at Isetan Scotts.

Hannah said...

Hi Iris, do you have the ingredient list for the new face protector?

I bought a tube yesterday only to realize after I got home that the BA had given me a tube meant for counter tester and there is no translation of the ingredient list on the box. I googled for it last night. No one has posted it, not even RMK's official website.

Haru said...

Nope, I don't have it.

Jennifer - Barely There Beauty said...

the powder looks lovelyyyy | UK beauty blog