Monday, 7 February 2011

InRed x Paul & Joe

The March issue of InRed (S$20.80) just arrived at Kinokuniya today. The magazine comes with a Paul & Joe multi-case featuring a pink floral paisley print from the spring makeup collection (which will be released in Singapore around 28 February).

The case is made of polyester with a slightly reflective coating that is resistant against water and stains. It measures 12.5x20x1cm with a detachable strap.

Although I find the beige piping looks rather dull, on the whole, the case feels very well-made with ample pockets to fit a variety of stuff like a passport, coins etc.

The Kinokuniya store at Ngee Ann City had plenty of stocks of this magazine so it should still be readily available tomorrow.

Clothes and accessories from Paul & Joe's spring collection.


winterberry_gal said...

Hi Haru,
Do you think this Paul & Joe multi-case is worth to get?
I am going on a trip soon, so I thinking of getting this to put in all my travel docs and cash.
Hopefully there are stocks avail when I pop by Taka this sat.
BTW, InRed is my favourite Jap mag, and it is always sold out so quickly! Biteki is a close 2nd.

Haru said...

I think it's worth getting as the print is cute and it can fit a passport (I actually tried it with my Singapore passport!). It's not as roomy as the LeSportsac mook cases from last year though so i'd probably use the LSS one when I travel as it can fit more stuff.

Rachel said...

That's a lovely case! I'm rather tempted to get it for travel but I don't travel very much so there may not be much point. The print is very nice though. Any idea if there will be makeup cases with mooks or other magazines anytime soon? Something like this:


Haru said...

Hi Rachel,
I don't know of any upcoming mooks with makeup cases. Both the Cath Kidston and Jill Stuart mooks with makeup cases are back in stock at Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City. If you don't have them yet, now is a good chance to get them!

saltvinegar said...

I went to NAC on Tuesday and In Red stocks are still available but significantly less than other mags.I resisted buying as i'm waiting to see what the 2011 Le Sport Sac mook gifts will look like.

Do u think it will be a multicase again?

Haru said...

I read online that the LSS mooks coming out in March (in 3 prints) will come with a foldable bag. No pics of the bags yet.

Rachel said...

Hi Haru,

Thanks very much! I think I will go and check out the cases - I think I'll probably get more use out of those makeup cases then this P&J one as I'll be able to use those on all trips to hold makeup and skincare

saltvinegar said...

oh bummer.. i was hoping for more multi-cases.. Thanks for the info :)