Monday, 28 February 2011

Deborah Lippmann Luxurious Nail Color

Having beauty OCD means that when I fall for a brand, I tend to fall for it fast and hard. That is how I ended up with a new stash of Deborah Lippmann Luxurious Nail Colors. The go-to manicurist for many celebrities, Lippmann recently did Lady Gaga's nails in Waking Up In Vegas for the latter's Vanity Fair cover.

Made in the USA, Lippmann's nail polishes are free of formaldehyde, tuolene and dibutyl phthlate. Instead, they contain aucoumea, biotin and green tea. The glitter-infused shades usually retail for US$18 while the non-glitter shades are US$16.

Above: Lady Sings The Blues (left), Across the Universe
Below: Bad Romance (left), Razzle Dazzle. Evonnz has excellent swatches of Bad Romance.

Diamonds & Pearls and Glitter In The Air (new for spring 2011).

Wicked Game, Bad Romance and Razzle Dazzle

Lady Sings The Blues, Across the Universe and Glitter In The Air

Here are some quick swatches of Across The Universe without any top coat. Karlasugar has a guest review on it.

It takes 3 coats to achieve opacity. What I loved about Across The Universe was the dimensionality of it. The small glitter flecks and hexagonal glitters appear suspended at different depths. The hexagonal glitters reflect light blue and emerald against the midnight blue base.


Anonymous said...

Where did you purchase this nail colour from?

Tracy said...

Lovely purchases! I like their names too. I think there's one called Happy Birthday. A perfect little gift for BFFs.

Haru said...

I purchased these at Nordstrom in the US.

hi Tracy,
Several of the nailpolishes in the DL line are collaborations with celebrities like Cher and others have music-inspired names. It's a very delightful line to explore!

Anonymous said...

I love these!!! Hope to see more of the others on your nails soon! Wish Singapore carries this too.

bOng said...

gorgeous !!!!! i always wanted to have 'em !!!! ENVY !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love to apply nail polishes. However, mine is always streaky. So, I just put on and immediately wipe them off.

I wonder if it is my wrong techniques or the nail polishes I use are low quality. As I don't know how to apply. I normally buy those which are below S$5 a bottle.

I would appreciate if you would share your thoughts...

galpal.hi said...

I also love Deborah Lippman nail colors! I feel that they are well worth the cost.


Evonne said...

Lady's Sings the Blues!!! I want that so bad. Hahaha. But at $18usd it's a bit of a killer though it's unique. Please swatchhhhhhhhhhhh! <3

cewek said...

Gorgeous haul Iris!

I've always wanted to try DL's nail polishes but found the price of $18/nail polish a tad too steep for my liking!

No doubt I would fold soon and buy these babies though!

What shades do you normally wear to work?

Haru said...

hi cewek,
I wear any shades that happen to catch my fancy that particular week :-) The DL nailpolishes are not cheap but it works out to be about the same price as RMK nailpolishes, and still quite a bit cheaper than, say Chanel.

hi Kat,
I love almost the whole DL range and it was so hard deciding which ones to purchase!

Perhaps you should try investing in a good nail polish brand like OPI or Sally Hansen? RMK also makes good nail polishes. Also, do use a base coat or ridge filler to create a smooth canvas for applying the nail polish. It definitely takes some practice to master but the process can be fun!

Bakupaku said...

Hi, did you shipped via VPost? I've not ordered any nail polish as I thought it's not allowed. Drooling at your lovely haul. Pls swatch them. Thanks.

cewek said...'ve got a good point! It is cheaper than Chanel and no doubt, chips way less than Chanel's also!

Re: shades to wear at work, I also wear what ever shade takes my fancy (case in point: this week's tips are currently Zoya's Gemma from Zoya's Spring 2011 Intimate collection). So far my manager has not said anything to me about my penchant of weird looking polish but then again we're not in high school anymore either.

Haru said...

hi Bakupaku,
I didn't use VPost, I bought the nailpolishes in the US. Both VPost and US Postal Service do not allow nail polishes to be shipped via airmail. I'll swatch the rest of the shades starting probably this weekend!

Kas said...

I was going to say, "I like (insert name)" but that's pretty much impossible! They are all lovely lovely lovely :D