Saturday, 12 February 2011

ALT @ Heeren Clearance Sale

Just learnt today that ALT at Heeren will be closing. It's a great pity but also not surprising as the store is usually very empty even on weekends, despite the fact that it has an extremely well-stocked beauty emporium on level 3 with an excellent selection of Western, Japanese, Taiwanese and organic brands. The last day of business is supposed to be 15 February, although the cashier said that this may be extended. The store is currently having a clearance sale with 20%-30% off many beauty brands and up to 50% off fashion and accessories.

On the ground floor, Paul & Joe is having a 10% discount while Thai makeup brand Panadda and I Nuovi are offering 20% off. There was no discount advertised for Ettusais, Pupa and MUFE.

Some fragrance brands like Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Hello Kitty were at 20% off.

Some of the beauty brands on sale on the third floor. There's no discount for OPI. Principessa is at 40% off.

I came home with a Principessa Bellaza Box Beauty Tooks Kit (originally at S$80) that includes deluxe sample sizes of the Cattiva Diva Silky Hand Cream, Dolce Dreams Whipped Body Lotion, Bagno Bliss Spa Cream Bath, Fresh Fiore Creamy Body Wash, Candelina Soy Travel Candle, Bacio Me Lip Balm and a bath lily.

Also picked up the Elisha Coy Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask (U.P. S$42) and Milk Cacao Black Sugar Scrub (U.P. S$40). The Herb Clay mask has a lovely rose scent while the Milk Cacao scrub has a sweet chocolate scent. These were 20% off.

Finally, I also got this geranium-scented Dead Sea Salt Soap (U.P. $12.90) which comes with a net to help lather it up. There was also a 20% discount on this.

If you haven't visited ALT before, now's a good time to do so before it closes for good.


Girl Hearts Makeup said...

yikes they're closing? I'd better pick up some items asap!

leechie said...

not surprised tt they closed down...cos ALT was really v.quiet when i was there during their early days last year o.O

Anonymous said...

yeah i am not surprised too. Nobody walks in there except me when i visit it during one weekday early evening...guess it look kind of intimidated. People tend to think it comes with very expensive price tag. And yes, it certainly is since it is located in town area. I left after browsing around on the first floor, can't be bother with the other levels and the salesperson look bored too. It's a pity, i guess, as they didn't do much to market it.

elainie said...

Hi Iris, I was at ALT two weeks ago and saw the discount but did not realize that they are closing down!
It's a pity!
The concept is great but I guessed it's the location and lack of advertisements.
I bought the geranium-scented Dead Sea Salt Soap too!
Good day to you!

Mei aka bee said...

Huh I have yet to visit it at all!! Hehe

Unknown said...


ALT just opened not long ago n they are closing down!! That is a pity coz they sell many less-seen brands but it's really quite quiet there.. Think their staff more than their customers.. Lol

Michelle said...

Hi Haru, how many days/weeks will they extend till?

Haru said...

No idea, the cashier just said they had been told that it may be extended but there was no further info.

MudpieVivi said...

Iris, today I was at BHG Bugis and saw they have an ALT Beauty corner! About 4/5 shelves double-sided full of the Japanese or Taiwanese beauty products. It is near the entrance facing the fountain, near Swatch shop. Check it out!

Haru said...

Yup, I know but just haven't been to Bugis yet to check it out! :-)