Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lancome Maqui Miracle Foundation

The Lancome Maqui Miracle Foundation SPF35 PA+++ is set to debut at all Lancome counters in Singapore on 1 March. Since receiving it a couple of weeks ago, I have been wearing it almost every day. The concept and technology behind Maqui Miracle have already been explained in an earlier post so I won't repeat it again.

Most makeup artists prefer liquid foundations over powder foundations as the former provides a more flawless, natural finish. Personally, I've always found powder foundations to be more user-friendly in terms of application. A really good powder foundation can be applied in less than 20 seconds whereas liquid foundations tend to take more time to blend. Hence, when I'm in a rush, I always reach for a powder foundation as it takes just a few swipes, blend and I'm done.

The included sponge has a velvety side that is supposed to be used first to apply the foundation, followed by the other side to blend out for a flawless finish. Personally, I found the velvety side to be sufficient for achieving a smooth seamless finish and it was also better at applying the foundation than the non-velvety side.

Maqui Miracle impressed me with how it applied very smoothly and evened out my skintone while minimising the appearance of my pores. The shade O-01 was a perfect match for me and helped to cover up the redness in my skin, making it look fairer. (I use O-03 for Teint Miracle.) It also wore well over more than 12 hours of wear without oxidising.

In Singapore's hot and humid climate, I found myself having to blot every 2 hours but in London's dryer winter climate, I had to blot every 4 hours. Compared to Teint Miracle, Maqui Miracle provided better coverage and oil control but some ladies may prefer Teint Miracle's more natural finish. In the photo above, I'm also wearing the Lancome Ultra Lavande Cold Harmony eyeshadow quad and L'Absolu Rouge #180. The photo above was taken in Singapore while the photo below was taken in my brother's house in Reading in the UK.

Here's another photo taken by my brother when we were in Windsor, about to tuck into the BBQ burger at Gourmet Burger Kitchen!

Had a good laugh with my sister-in-law over how the bright lights made my brother look like he's balding severely in this photo :-)

Do also check out the reviews of Maqui Miracle on Makeup Blogette, Hitting The Pan and Women Love Beauty. If you are interested in the foundation, do visit any Lancome counter for a foundation consultation and two-minute Aura-Bright Flash Touch Up. There is also a special Perfect Aura Makeover event taking place at Raffles City from 2-7 March, just see the Lancome website for more details.


M said...

This foundation seems really promising! But would this line be replacing Teint Miracle?

.blushfully. said...

lol at the photo with your brother lookin like he's balding severely on 1 side.

btw, u look really flawless and natural with the foundation on! i luv the photo taken in UK that 2nd one? hehehe... ^_^

Haru said...

hi M,
No, Maqui Miracle is not replacing Teint Miracle.

hi blushfully,
Thanks, I like how quick and easy it is to apply!

Anonymous said...

i love looking at your bro-sis picture! you are more open these days and i feel I know you better now. (i guess i am also opening up a bit more now... :P) ps: i haven't used any powder foundation for a long time since my last MUFE Duo Matte's finished. I think it's high time for me to check out new stuff.

Lynn said...

Thanks for linking to my post :) Lol, i got scared one morning when i check the Lancôme Ombre Absolue Impact 3D post and the views had jumped by 100 overnight! Hope you're having fun in US and enjoy your 2 free days there!

P.s- i already bought 4 items from the P&J parasol and met Shirley!

Haru said...

hi Jojoba,
I had a fantastic time with my brother :-) I greatly enjoy reading about your adventures in various countries too! The Maqui Miracle has a lovely finish and feels very silky to touch. Do check it out at the Lancome counter if you get the time!

Haru said...

Hi Lynn,
I didn't have time to check out the Parasol collection, will do so when I get back. The shades do look quite pale though, so am not feeling a very strong urge to haul much. Shirley's the best!

Shirleen once mentioned the same thing to me after I linked to one of her posts. The page views also jumped by 100 overnight!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, how is it compared to Dior X4?
I like X4 because it helps to control the oil but still look for a better powder foundation.
And I agree with you that the powder foundation is more practical :D but I wonder how is the best way to remove it? Should we use cleansing oil everyday?

Haru said...

I think in terms of coverage and lasting power, Maqui Miracle is about the same as Dior X4 but Maqui Miracle does not give me fantastic oil control (almost no foundation does) and I still have to blot a few times throughout the day, which is normal for me. I got slightly better oil control with Lancome Maquicake UV Infinite than with Maqui Miracle. The Dior X4 sometimes applies a bit powdery on me. To remove powder foundation, you don't necessarily have to use a cleansing oil as most powder foundations are very light and easily removable, unlike some longlasting liquid foundations like Revlon Colorstay. You can use a water-based remover like Cleansing Express Cleansing Lotion, which wipes off foundation easily with no oily residue, and then follow up with your usual face cleanser.

Lynn said...

In my opinion, yes, this time the collection is very pale and sheer. I got colour powder in 070 (highlighter and sheer blusher) and 072 (bronzer) and the lipsticks in 070 (light coral) and 071 (barbie pink), with decent colour payoff.

The Spring Creation eye colours are very glittery and with tons of fallout, almost everything looks like silver glitters when applied. 004 and 003 seems to have better pigmentation, and 005's blue appears silver.

Vanessa said...

Hi, Iris, Thanks for sharing.

I've stopped using Lancome's foundation for many years,as I found it oxidised on my face.

Your post made me wanted to give it a try again, not Marqui Miracle though, but Maquicake UV Infinite,which you mentioned has better oil-control.

I live the 2nd photo you took in UK,that 2nd one too.I Like the very natural lip shade.

AhCapp said...

Hi Iris,

I am still using Lancome Maquicake UV Infinite, ever since you have introduced it to me some time back.

The Maqui Miracle will not replace my UV Infinite right? I hate to look for another foundation replacement. =(

Haru said...

Hey AhCapp,
I don't know if Maquicake UV Infinite will be replaced by Maqui Miracle. I doubt it since Maqui Miracle is a whitening powder foundation and Maquicake is an oil-control one. But Lancome regularly discontinues its foundations in order to introduce new ones, so Maquicake will probably be discontinued at some point in the future too.

Philip G. said...

I was just wondering if this contains any shimmer?

Haru said...

Nope, there are no shimmer particles in this at all.