Friday, 4 February 2011

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

Ever encounter trouble applying mascara on your lower lashes due to the mascara wand being too fat and unwieldy? If so, Clinique has come up with the perfect solution in the form of its new Bottom Lash Mascara

The tiny wand is specially designed to grasp and coat even the tiniest of lashes. The long-wearing formula is also smudge-proof and can be removed with warm water.

After testing it out for the past two weeks, it has quickly become a daily staple. The lashes on my lower lashline are extremely short and sparse, so most mascara wands are usually too big and tend to cause smudges or clumps when used on my lower lashes. The Bottom Lash Mascara wand allows for easy control and precise application, including with the lashes at the inner corners which tend to be finer. Without applying mascara, my lower lashes look pretty much non-existent. I like how the mascara adds length and definition to my lower lashes and stays on the whole day without flaking or smudging.

I'm not sure of the retail price in Singapore and will update here after I've checked with the counter. On, it is only US$10 (S$13).

Here's the look that I did today with Lancome Ultra Lavande Cold Harmony palette, Teint Miracle foundation and Butterflies Fever blush.


galpal.hi said...

Thank you for your review! I had just found out about this mascara and was wondering when it was going to be released here in Hawaii. I really do want to try this out too.


espenine said...

Hi Haru,

May I know what shade are you using for Lancome Miracle Teint?

Julia said...

I use Majolica's Lash Expander for the bottom lashes, because it doesn't smudge easily and the shape of the wand fits nicely. (I don't like it on my upper lashes too much, though.)

Haru said...

Hi espenine,
I'm using shade O-03 for Teint Miracle.

Hi kat,
Do give it a try as I think it works very well if you have very fine lower lashes! Plus the price is quite affordable in the US!

Hi Julia,
I haven't used Majolica Lash Expander but it was a big favourite among Japanese ladies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris

I will be going taiwan next week,wat are the must buys from Taiwan?Thanks n Happy new yr!


Haru said...

My Beauty Diary masks are extremely cheap in Taiwan. Jill Stuart and Lunasol are also cheaper there, as are other Japanese brands. You can also find NARS, Chantecaille and Lush in Taiwan. I haven't been to Taiwan in many years so I can't offer much advice in that respect.