Thursday, 17 February 2011

Jill Stuart New Base Makeup

Jill Stuart will launch a new Smooth Silk Liquid Foundation SPF20 PA++(4200yen, 30ml) and Pure Lasting Makeup Base N SPF20 PA++ (3150yen, 25ml) on 4 March in Japan. The foundation has a half-matte finish and contains two types of silicon polymers to help conceal pores, mineral powder and amino acid powder that are gentle on the skin, almond oil and rose extract for moisturising benefits. The foundation, which has a "crystal floral bouquet" scent, will be available in 5 shades.

The makeup base comes in 3 shades to address specific skin concerns. 01 Fresh helps to brighten up the skintone and has a natural finish. 02 Luminous is for correcting skin dullness and redness while 03 Rosy is for a healthy, rosy finish.


Georgina said...

Omigosh, i am too scared to try the new makeup base! i had a severe allergic reaction to the current version. do you think they changed the formula as well?

fannz said...

I'm going to attend the beauty workshop to try out the new items on tomorrow and I can get the chance to buy the new items also! I'm so excited!

Haru said...

hi coffretgorge,
The main ingredients in Jill Stuart products do not change that much. They usually contain mineral oil, parabens and the same floral fragrance. If you had a bad reaction to their makeup base, it's probably better to avoid the new one as well.

hi fannz,
have a great time!

Ivy Low said...

Oh my, from 1 base now there's 3...tsk tsk. Thanks Iris!