Friday, 25 February 2011

Anna Sui March & April Releases

Here's a quick sneak preview of the slew of new products, including limited edition releases, that Anna Sui has lined up for March and April in Singapore!

First up on 1 March is the new base makeup collection for spring. The new Protecive Foundation Primer comes in two finishes, designated "C" (for "clear") and "L" (for "long-lasting"). The Protective Foundation Primer C (S$49, 24ml) has SPF38 PA+++ #200 Platinum Purple helps to correct uneven skin tone. It contains "flat powder" to camouflage enlarged pores, plus subtle silver pearl particles to create glowy skin. It also provides oil control through the use of crystalline cellulose and sebum absorbing powder.

The primer feels light and refreshing upon application as it contains capsules filled with water-based ingredients that burst upon contact with skin.

Complementing the powder is the new Protective Loose Powder 001 (S$65, 18g) which helps to brighten up skin and give it a healthy glow with the aid of fine red and gold pearl powders.

Formulated with SPF20 PA++, it contains "sliding powder" and plate-like "RFP Powder" to help create a silky smooth finish, as well as sebum-absorbing powder. This comes in just one shade, 001 Translucent. Up close, you can see the ultra fine shimmer particles.

The limited edition Foundation Case Set (S$30) includes a foundation case and a sample tube of the Protective Foundation Primer L SPF38 PA++ (6.5ml/0.28oz). Primer L is a white cream that dries down to a more matte, clear finish whereas Primer C is slightly more dewy.

The green, orange and silver plastic case has a '70s retro feel.

The limited edition Loose Compact Powder Set (S$91) comprises a Loose Compact Powder UV 200 SPF15 PA++ (4g) and a Beauty Mirror (Rose).

The rich royal purple hue is especially striking. The slim lightweight compact actually has two mirrors inside, one that reflects normally and one that reflects a magnified view. I like the firm hinge which allows you to position the lid at any angle that you desire. The lid can swivel up to about a 300° angle.

The Loose Compact Powder UV 200 is a pale lavender with micro-shimmer reflects. The shade is not new but the regular packaging is white whereas the case in this set is a matching lavender.

In April comes the limited edition Dolly Girl mascaras and lipsticks, which was apparently created in response to popular demand by fans of the Dolly Girl character. The three mascaras (7ml/0.26oz each) are all black. The red tube is Long Lash Mascara, the blue is Volume Up Mascara and the yellow is Full Mascara (Anna Sui's bestselling mascara).

Compared to the regular Anna Sui Lip Rouge, the whimsically cute Dolly Girl lipstick (3.5g) is smaller and feels niftier, sitting ever so snugly in one's palm. For this release, Anna Sui will be giving away a tote bag with the Dolly Girl prints with purchase of S$180.

Do look out for these new products at Anna Sui counters island-wide starting next week!


Citrine said...

The packaging for the loose powder and lipstick are adorable!

daveen said...

yuck. I really hate buying from companies whom generously give away products like this.
Why should I pay such a hefty price when they just give it away to any random blogger

Haru said...

Hi daveen,
Beauty companies see value in engaging beauty blogs as many customers turn to blogs these days for information, reviews and swatches. To you, we may be "just any random blogger" but many of us work hard at our blogs to try to make them informative and useful. Reputable companies like Anna Sui are also discerning about who they choose to work with. If you have a low opinion of bloggers, I don't understand why you are reading this blog then.

daveen said...

maybe for you you aren't so random, i like to read your blog, but i see companies like shiseido giving away mj products to really crappy blogs that i dont even read.
and they give out so damn many that it just makes me not want to buy anymore.

Winnie said...

Hi Haru,
You are definitely NOT any random blogger in this beauty blogosphere. I love your blog, so informative and helpful for everyone who loves makeup :-)

Winnie said...

Hi Haru,

So how do u store and organize all the makeup that you have??? Have you ever written a blog about it? Would very much love to hear your tips on how to organize our makeup stash. Thanks!

Haru said...

hi Winnie,
Here's the link to previous posts on how I store my makeup:

lizvan said...

Haru, do you think the loose compact powder could help tp camouflage redness? is it suitable for sensitive skin?

8years ago I did use Anna Sui's makeup, foundation n loose powder, but my skin was not sensitive back then.. TIA :)

Haru said...

the loose powder is a finishing powder with very little coverage so it's not sufficient for covering up skin redness. It's more for giving a very polished smooth effect.

lizvan said...

seems i've got to skip it then.. too bad since i really like the double sided mirror :( thanks for your reply...

Elly said...

Where can I find the dolly girl lipsticks? I am in Tokyo and I haven't found them yet, I've tried several shops including Isetan and the official Anna Sui store. Is there any japanese website that sell them?

Haru said...

Not that I know of. I haven't seen these on the Anna Sui Japan makeup website so perhaps they were not released in Japan.