Friday, 11 February 2011

Taylor Swift Concert in Singapore

Taylor Swift kicked off her Speak Now world tour on Wednesday at Singapore's Indoor Stadium. My 17-year old cousin is a big fan of Swift so I brought him to the concert as a special treat. It felt very gratifying as it was his first ever concert and for a music lover, being able to watch your favourite artiste perform live is an incomparable experience. The one night only concert had been sold out for weeks in advance, so I was lucky to have purchased the tickets when I did.

Naturally, the concert audience skewed very young with many parents chaperoning their kids. At the merchandise stand, a young boy, who couldn't have been older than 7, was sobbing and screaming because the stuff that he wanted was sold out. I wondered if he even knew how lucky he was as none of my cousin's friends could attend the concert as the tickets were too expensive.

Watching Swift skip along the stage in her swingy dresses, it's easy to see why she's so massively popular at the moment and the perfect spokesmodel for "easy breezy beautiful" Cover Girl. It was a fun concert to watch although it didn't hold as much emotional resonance for me as watching a Tori Amos, Jewel or Kylie concert does.

Anyway, here are my two favourite songs from the concert: Enchanted (which has been stuck in my head since the concert) and Love Story, which was the finale. Enjoy!


Rachel said...

Oh I love her dress in Love Story! I've never actually been to a live concert.

Eve said...

I went to her concert too! Think she's amazing haha. and I wrote a blog post about it here too. xx

Girl Hearts Makeup said...

I went to the concert as well. Not only that, I also got her autograph! :) Sooo happy! The tickets are definitely pricey and yet they sold out very fast.

Haru said...

hi Girl Hearts Makeup,
That's awesome! What a lovely memento of her visit :-)

hi Eve,
Glad you had such a wonderful time!

hi Rachel,
She had very pretty outfits for the concert! You should definitely try to catch a concert some time. The live music experience beats listening to CDs/radio anytime!