Saturday, 5 February 2011

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy Valentine's Edition and GWP

The limited edition Anna Sui Flight of Fancy birdcage tin is now available at Isetan Scotts! The tin is included with every purchase of the Flight of Fancy fragrance in the 75ml size (S$112).

With a purchase of S$150, the gift is the matching wallet and deluxe samples of the Loose Powder 200 (in lavender, 0.3g) and Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation B02 (8ml).

And if you spend S$180, you will also receive the matching large tote bag. I think this is the largest GWP bag that I've ever seen from Anna Sui!

The birdcage tin should be available at all Anna Sui counters but I'm not sure if all counters will be offering the same GWPs.


Anna said...

OMG finally, been waiting for that post.

So I'd buy this full-size FoF and get the tin and do I have to spend the written amount PER purchase (means, 180$ for bag, another 150$ to get the wallet) or is it all in one!? Dunno how to describe it

Haru said...

hi Anna,
If you spend S$180, you get everything (the bag, the wallet, the deluxe samples and the fragrance with the tin, plus whatever products you choose to top up the purchase amount to $180 as the fragrance costs $112). So I bought the perfume and two of the new lipglosses which were S$33 each, and received all the gifts!

Anonymous said...

Dear Haru, this is pretty!
Can I know the quality of the wallet and bag? Eg what know of material are they made of Are they sturdy? Thank you

Haru said...

Both the wallet and bag are made of fabric (not sure exactly what type of fabric it is). The pink interior of the wallet feels like faux leather. Both are very well made and sturdy although the orange fabric looks like it could pick up stains easily as there is no protective PVC/vinyl coating. The bag strap is detachable.

Anna said...

Oh perfect, thank you, so gotta get this now!

sweetcloud said...

The design of these GWP is amazing!! I would actually pay for the wallet alone :)

Anonymous said...

Hello does anyone know where I might be able to get one of those bags I have looked everywhere I thank you so much for your time