Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lift and Firm Makeup & Ceramide Ultra Lipstick

Over the past week, I've been trying out Elizabeth Arden's new Ceramide Ultra Lift and Firm Makeup SPF15 (S$87, 32g). The foundation is designed to help skin look firmer and more lifted, and is suitable for normal to dry skin. I've written about the ingredients in an earlier post so I won't repeat that again here.

As my skin is oily, I wasn't expecting the foundation to work wonders on me. Despite being a cream foundation, it actually feels quite lightweight and gives sheer to medium coverage with a slightly dewy finish. I still need to blot about every 1.5 hours though. The shade 02 Vanilla Shell was a good match for my skintone and it didn't oxidise after several hours of wear but I did notice a little bit of caking. I tried using the sponge-tipped Makeup Blender Brush to apply it but it couldn't give a seamless finish and so I still needed to blend it in with my fingertips, especially over areas with acne scars or enlarged pores

Overall, it's not an amazing foundation for me as I would prefer a foundation with better oil control and which required less effort to blend but one has to remember that the foundation is actually meant for more mature and dry skin types.

I liked the Ceramide Ultra Lipstick #1 Rouge (S$40) much better as it has a gorgeous creamy consistency that glides smoothly onto the lips and is very well pigmented. If I don't eat or drink, it lasts more than 5 hours on me but with some bleeding around the outer edge of my lips. (Using a lipliner would help to prevent bleeding.) When cleaned off with tissue, it leaves a slight pinkish stain on my lips.

Compared to my other favourite red lipsticks like Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick #20 Hibiscus and Tom Ford Lip Color in Smoke Red, Rouge is a slightly brighter shade of red that reminds one of Arden's Red Door. Such a vivid shade can be high maintenance but a classic red lip never goes out of style.

Below is the list of ingredients for the foundation.

And for the lipstick.


Kas said...

I really like the lippie - by itself and on you! Its a lovely shade and looked so creamy!

min said...

Hi Haru.
This foundation gives you nice natural finish and glow from the picture.
In my opinion, this is one of the most natural finish i even seen, beside combination of dior radiant base with maqui miracle foundation.

Maya said...

Hmmm I very much prefer the look of Tom Ford's Smoke Red on you. That one looks very film noir heroine! :)

But this red is nice on you, too.

EclecticChic said...

i love the lipstick...i found a shade called mulberry and it goes great with my skintone :) nice job with the review...:)

Anonymous said...

"if I don't eat or drink..."

Sounds like yer on a diet forthe lippie!