Friday, 20 May 2011

New Shoes from Pedder Red, Melissa and Nike x Liberty

Thanks to Mag for introducing me to Melissa, a Brazilian brand of jelly shoes, I recently picked up this pair of Bambi flats from the Pedder Red in Ngee Ann City.

This is also available in black and orange. I came across it earlier at Tangs Orchard but it was already mostly sold out except for the largest size 9 so I was delighted to discover it at Pedder Red as well.

The flats are very comfortable, except for some snugness around the toes but the Pedder Red staff said that the shoes will expand slightly with wear. I also like that the sole has some thickness to it, unlike many other flats that offer zero cushioning for the feet.

This pair of Pedder Red sandals also caught my eye with its soft straps, gold buckle detail and wood pattern on the heels.

I also picked up a second pair of the Liberty shoes at the Nike store in Wisma Atria. Inspired by an illustration by Quentin Blake, the "Kara's Tree" print features an impressionist style landscape of pointillist leaves, a story book fence and pebbles in the background.


Anonymous said...

Love your Melissa shoes.mind to share e price?

birkinbagbeauty said...

Love your shoes...A Brazilian brand and some Nike Liberty...good score!

Kym said...

Hi, I HEART Melissa shoes and wear them for work i.e. the plain black ones. Unfortunately the SA lied to you and these shoes do not expand.

Anonymous said...

I also love Melissa shoes. Btw hw much is Yr pair of bambi shoes and is it from Melissa?

Sherry said...

Hi Haru! The shoes look amazing! Just wondering how much did the Pedder Red sandals cost? :)

Vanessa said...

I like the shoes you bought from Pedder Red.

I've always like Melissa's jelly shoes,especially after trying them on in Hong Kong's Lane Crawford last year,but I didn't buy them as I am afraid they may not be comfortable for long walks,especially for my wide,high-arch feet.

Also not sure if they are good for feet which sweat easily?

Juz4moi said...

Hi Haru,

U have good taste... I love the Melissa Bambi... How much did it costs? Where else besides Pedder Red & Tangs sells Melissa Jelly Shoes?


Haru said...

Hi Juz4moi,
There is also a shop on the 2nd floor of Wheelock Place that carries Melissa shoes. Tangs Vivocity does not have Melissa, I think. The Melissa Bambi shoes were S$150+.

Hi Vanessa,
I'm not sure if the Melissa shoes are suitable for feet that sweat easily.

Hi Sherry,
The Pedder Red sandals were S$170+. if you spend $300 in a receipt, you can get a one year membership that gets you a10% discount that can be used on the spot. So I got got a 10% discount on my purchase.

Anonymous said...

I like the heels the best. are they very comfortable? I can't wear flats as I am very short and DH is very tall for me. HAHAHAHA

Haru said...

Hi jojoba,
I haven't worn the heels out yet but they did feel very comfortable in the store.

Light Love said...

I love the first pair of flats, so cute!

Sophia said...

Love your Melissa flats! Think I need to get a pair myself. What color are those?

Haru said...

hi Sophia,
My Melissa Bambi flats are grey. Pedder Red also carries this style in black and orange.

hi Light Love,
When I saw the Bambi shoes, I just had to have them! :-)

makeupmag said...

An excellent haul! I love Melissas - they can be washed and will last a very long time. The little Bambi is so cute!

They might feel more comfy with prolonged wear - the ones I have still vary on comfort on different days. Moisturiser definitely helps! :)

juz4moi said...

Thanks Haru... I checked out Wheelock Place (shop called Substance) and Tangs Orchard but stocks were limited or sold out... only Pedder Red managed to have fresh stocks this morning thus I could get a pair of Bambi too.. They are definitely very soft and fits the foot like a glove..

Haru said...

Glad to hear that you managed to find it! Enjoy them :-)

Von said...

melissa shoes are lovely! i used to own one when they were still available at NOVO stores (now closed down). going at about SGD$40? recently saw the same pair online at about USD80. must be really really popular now.