Thursday, 5 May 2011

Dior Electric Tropics Haul

Dior has just launched its Electric Tropics summer makeup collection in Singapore. As both the eyeshadow quints are brown/beige-themed, they didn't appeal to me. Instead, I fell for the Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Powder in 003 First Light (S$69). First Light is exclusive to Asia, while the US and European countries received the bronzer versions in 001 Aurora and 002 Sunset.

First Light features interlacing white, baby pink and peachy pink tones with ultra fine micro-sparkles.

When applied lightly, this gives a soft glow and luminosity to the skin without looking glittery or over the top. The effect is similar to the Pearly White Meteorites by Guerlain. I like to dust this over the under eye area and the top of the cheeks.

The velvet case has a side pocket for the brush. At first, I thought this was a convenient feature but it turned out to be damaging for the brush instead. The fit is a bit too snug and causes the bristles to get bent out of alignment when one tries to slot the brush in or remove it. This happened when I slotted in the brush sideways as well as when I slotted it in handle first.

The brush feels very soft and I was quite pleased with it initially but that quickly turned to dismay when it started shedding on the very first day of use. That's certainly not the quality that one expects of Dior!

The photo above show the brush in its brand new condition while the photo below is after the first day of use. While removing the brush from the velvet pocket, a whole chunk of at least 5 strands fell out.

Below is the ingredients list.

Dior also released two nail polishes in this collection. Each shade comes as part of a "Catwalk Duo" with a glossy top coat for S$45. I would have preferred to purchase just the Paradise shade on its own though. Dior nail polishes usually retail for S$34.

I briefly contemplated getting the limited edition Nude Glow Healthy Glow Complexion Enhancer (S$56) in the Electric Tropics collection but the finish was too shiny for my liking. The SA recommended their Radiant Base Sheer Skin-lighting Refinishing Makeup Base (S$55) as being more suitable for oily skin instead.

The base has a thin, watery consistency that applies very easily without streaking or pooling in my pores. It helps my skin to look more radiant without the sheen of the Nude Glow Healthy Glow Complexion Enhancer. It also helps to even out my skintone but doesn't completely cover up blemishes.

For this look, I used the Radiant Base under Lancome Maqui Miracle powder foundation, with First Light dusted lightly on top of the foundation, and Canmake Cheek & Cheek #1 Candy Flower.


Anonymous said...

your skin looks so fresh and radiant!

Fiona Star said...

this combination of bases is like the nicest looking out of all the foundations you've used in your fotds so far! the lancome macqui miracle seems great, i'm definitely getting it. your skin really looks great in this photo, it's like more luminous and less heavy looking than regular foundations (:

Georgina said...

Haru, the dior powder looks amazing! and your FOTD looks so fresh and natural! i love it :D

Anonymous said...

The base seems to have made your complexion more radiant in this photograph,

Hing said...

You look so flawless! Love, love!!

ashura said...

The base looks promising!

evonne said...

the coverage looks good, makes ur skin looks look flawless. seems like someone found her HG :)

Jiaxiu said...

Dior is really nice on you. it's a great buy.

Chantana said...

The combo of the base and the powder make you face look so fresh and nice!! (I'm going to check out the Dior base)

Anonymous said...

I usually don’t pay much attention to your posts about foundations or powders because I just don’t use them, but I had to tell you that this is the best your skin has looked. Whatever this combo is it seems to really work for you.

Love your blog.


Jennelle said...

You look great with the combination. :D What is your favorite foundation on the list now comparing Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation, Suqqu Frame Fix Liquid Foundation and this look you create? What would you recommend for normal/dry flaky skin?

Anonymous said...

Nice & glowing!


Jennifer said...

This looks so pretty! I wish this powder was available in the States!

kaelakaela said...

i just bought the dior sunset bronzer in this collection. i like it and am also using it as eyeshadow. wish i could buy asian version in us. love your blog, haru!

Elaine said...

I had been contemplating if to get the Dior Base to go with my Nude Foundation. You have convinced me that this base is a must buy! ^^
I like the Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Powder in 003 First Light! It's a pity that 01 & 02 are not brought in...

Hannah said...

Iris, you look very radiant and very natural in this FOTD! Love it!

Btw, did you use First Light all over your face as a finishing powder? Is the Dior base able to cover the redness on your face? How does it compare with Anna Sui's new primer C (the purple one)?

Anonymous said...

Hey Iris,
The base really compliment your skintone. It looks so dewy on your face. Thanks for the review, will be purchasing 1 to try it out.

Haru said...

hi Joanne,
I think the radiance is also partly due to the Maqui Miracle powder foundation. Do try out the base first if you can before purchasing.

hi Hannah,
The Dior base evens out the skintone quite well but does not completely conceal the redness. The Anna Sui primer has more of a sheen compared to the Dior base. I think the Dior base has slightly better coverage than the Anna Sui one.

I dust the First Light all over very lightly and then apply an extra layer over the under eye area and top of the cheeks.

hi Elaine,
Glad to be of help!

hi kaelakaela,
Thank you!

hi Jennifer,
Thanks! I hate that beauty companies take such a stereotypical view of the beauty needs of different countries. There are many ladies in Singapore who like the healthy tanned look and use bronzers.

hi Sun,
Thank you!

hi Jennelle,
For dry flaky skin, the most important thing is to ensure that your skin is adequately moisturised before putting on any makeup. Also do exfoliate regularly to get rid of the flakes. Sheet masks are also great for hydrating the skin thoroughly. I definitely like the Suqqu foundation more than the Armani Lasting Silk Foundation. Lancome Maqui Miracle powder foundation works well for me and is faster to apply than liquid foundation so I tend to use it more often than the Suqqu foundation.

hi Pam,
Thank you, I appreciate it!

hi Chantana,
Thanks, I'm quite surprised by how nicely it turned out too :-)

hi Jiaxiu,
Thank you!

hi Evonne,
Yes, I do like this combo very much!

hi ashura,
do try out the Radiant Base if you can :-)

hi Hing,
Thank you!

hi coffretgorge,

hi feeyona,
The Maqui Miracle is an excellent powder foundation, do try it out!

Anonymous said...

you look fantastic using the base + foundation ~~

Anonymous said...

hi can i ask where did you get your hual from? bhg bugis SA says its not in yet :(

Haru said...

I purchased the items at Robinsons in Centerpoint. I've also seen the collection at Isetan Scotts.