Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sightings at Watsons

Spotted some new products at the Watsons in Ngee Ann City, like these Chupa Chups Lipglosses and Lip Balms by Kiss Me.

The scented lipglosses come with plastic spatula applicators and appear to have a bit of shimmer.

There are also new My Beauty Diary sheet mask sets in an Alice in Wonderland-themed packaging. These seem to contain the usual scents instead of new ones. There are 17 masks in each set, with three sets to choose from.

Revlon has released four Custom Eyes Shadow & Liner palettes (S$23.90). The shade combinations look quite pretty but there were no testers so I wasn't able to try them out. You can see swatches of all the palettes on FacesbySarah.

Bourjois' new Bio-detox Organic Foundations comprise 98.8% natural ingredients and also contain chlorophyll to help filter pollution. As usual, the shade selection is very limited with only two shades for the powder foundation. The online reviews for the Bio-detox liquid foundation don't appear to be all that positive though.

As Watsons was having its preview sale for members today at select stores, I took the opportunity to snag the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation, Correcting Concealer and Healthy-Glow Foundation as there was a 20%+10% discount on Bourjois. I've been wanting to try the Serum Gel Foundation after reading positive reviews about it. I also picked up two boxes of Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe in Intensive Red Ruby as my earlier hair color by Liese Cassis Berry Bubble Hair Color is looking more brown-toned than red now and my grey hairs are looking quite obvious again (sigh).


53 said...

Hi, i've tried that serum gel on my hand... and i noticed that it seemed to seep into lines more than the bio-detox one when i swatch it side by side. It was just a swatch observation tho... not sure if it would defer when applied to the face. Can't wait for your review!Good luck!

Btw, I really do like Bourjois liquid foundations but I only have their Healthy Mix Foundation - they're the reason I start buying more liquid than powder actually. I want to try their 10 hour sleep effect next!

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris, nice to see you at the Watsons members sale. Sorry if I startled you just now.

I've been reading your blog for quite a few years. Really enjoy reading your entries :)


Katina said...


Just wanted to let you know you're doing your best to look good and that's all that matters!!

Light Love said...

great deals! the lollipops are so cute! and the masks are just simply <3

Kas said...

I like how the Intensive Ruby Red dye turned out but it left my hair slightly dry - think I've to be more religious with using a hair mask and treatment. And I found another shade at Ocean Cosmetics which I hadn't seen so far - Flaming Red. Will try that in 3-4 months time! :D