Saturday, 28 May 2011

Liberty Chic Mook

Thanks to Mag, I learnt that the new Liberty Chic mook (Japanese publishing lingo for "magazine book") just arrived at Kinokuniya stores in Singapore.

Priced at S$33.40 before the members' discount, the mook is produced by Ms Masaki, a model turned clothes/lifestyle designer who has collaborated with Liberty to design new prints.

The mook comes with a clear tote (24x20x10cm) and a small cloth drawstring pouch (14x12cm), both designed by Masaki. The tote is made of vinyl with straps and pockets that are PVC-coated cotton for better resistance against water and stains.

The tote bears a mix of the Paysanne and Nina prints while the pouch features the Nina rose print.

The tote can hold up to 2 kg. The front pocket fits my cardholder just nicely.

The single row of stitching doesn't look the sturdiest and the bag straps feel thin. The straps are not long enough to allow one to carry the bag on the shoulder.

The Paysanne print of flowers and strawberries was created in 1962.

The 56-page mook is not as interesting as the earlier Liberty Spring/Summer 2011 mook as it mainly focuses on Liberty prints being used in the daily lives of people in London, Paris and Japan. Overall, I would say that the mook is worth purchasing only if you like the tote bag and pouch.

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