Monday, 9 May 2011

Tokidoki Beach Tote Bag and Stila Stunning in Sayulita

Just received the Tokidoki Beach Tote Bag and Stila's new Collectible Beach Palette No. 1 Stunning in Sayulita from a friend!

The tote bag turned out to be nicer than what I was expecting. The quality is on par with Tokidoki's own line of bags but it is priced more affordably at US$60. The polyurethane outer shell looks similar to the ripstop nylon of the LeSportsac Tokidoki bags but it is slightly thicker and coated for easier cleaning.

The inner nylon lining features Tokidoki's logo. The bag is roomy with a broad base and can easily fit a towel and other essentials for a day out at the beach. It has a nicely structured shape but can also be folded up easily. The only minor flaw is the lack of inner pockets which would have come in handy.

The logo charm on the zipper pull.

The print is a cheerful tapestry of the Tokidoki characters relaxing on the beach. It's one of those charming Tokidoki prints that's fascinating to look at, thanks to the whimsical details. The beach collection for Sephora is also much more attractive than the bags that Tokidoki currently carries on its own website.

Stila has just embarked on a new series of five Collectible Beach Palettes with one to be released each month. The Beach Palettes are slightly longer and wider than the first batch of Travel Palettes. Each includes four powder eyeshadows, a blush and a bronzer/highlighter.

Inside, the mirror has been reduced in size to facilitate the inclusion of a makeup tutorial showing how to use the shades.

Although there is a price increase from US$10 to US$14, I'd rather pay $4 more for two powder blushes that I'd actually use rather than have half the palette taken up by a greasy Convertible Color with poor lasting power.

The order came with a fragrance booklet that included eleven peel-off fragrance samples. It's a very effective marketing tool as the smorgasbord of samples never fails to spark at least a couple of lemmings for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi haru,
Where can I get stila? The only outlet I know is at ck tangs and it's no longer there! Pls help!

Anonymous said...

love the bag. it's really fine and light.

Haru said...

You can try US websites that carry Stila and ship via VPost/Borderlinx/Comgateway. Some of these don't accept international credit cards though. Or you can ask friends in the US to help you order.

natural care said...

I love the bag. It's really nice.

Chi Chi said...

Is this tokidoki bag available in singapore??

Anonymous said...

May i know where can i get the bag? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...


Do you know where is the Stila palette available in US (other hank ordering online)? Also, any idea where i get join spree to get Sleek eyeshadow palettes? Thanks!

Haru said...

hi Chi Chi,
The bag is not sold at Sephora stores in Singapore which do not carry Tokidoki.

The Tokidoki bag is currently available only on in the US so perhaps you can ask a friend in the US to help you purchase it.

hi clovestravel,
I don't know of anyone conducting sprees for Sleek palettes but you can try which carries some Sleek palettes. The Stila palette can be found in Sephora stores in the US.