Saturday, 21 May 2011

Shu Uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil

Shu Uemura recently launched its new Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil, incorporating new technology and ingredients for more effective cleansing action and a "zero oil" sensation. It comes in two sizes, 150ml (S$62) and 450ml (S$138). The Fresh Cleansing Oil is based on the Natural Origin HPO ("High Performance Oil") System. Compared to the previous formula, the new Fresh Cleansing Oil results in 50% higher removability of waterproof mascara. It also helps to hydrate the skin and minimise the appearance of pores, leaving skin feeling smoother and more moisturised.

The Fresh Cleansing Oil contains the following key ingredients:

Safflower oil: Rich in linoleic acids, which are important for skin nutrition, cell renewal and maintenance of skin's barrier function.

Jojoba oil: an emollient agent that helps to support skin elasticity and suppleness.

Squalene from olive oil: has a high spreadability that helps to easily remove sebum.

Sakura leaf extract: This has anti-bacterial and skin soothing properties.

Cherry extract: Contains natural AHA to exfoliate skin and minimise pores

Lipo HA: A salicylic acid derivative that provides more effective exfoliating action than salicylic acid.

I found the new Fresh Cleansing Oil to be efficient at melting off all of my makeup quickly. While it still feels like an oil on my skin, it does feel quite light textured and it rinses off easily. There isn't as much visible emulsifying action compared to the other Shu Uemura cleansing oils, but this doesn't seem to affect its efficacy at removing makeup. Out of habit, I still follow up with a facial cleanser as I like my skin to feel thoroughly clean at the end of a day.

Shu Uemura's cleansing oils have actually been a staple in my skincare regime for many years. I've used up at least 2 bottles of the previous Fresh Cleansing Oil. I'm currently still using up my bottles from the Tokyo Kamon Girls collection featuring illustrations by manga artist Moyoco Anno.

I usually purchase the larger 450ml bottles as they work out to be more cost-effective than the 150ml bottles. Fancl appears cheaper at S$33 for a 120ml bottle but four bottles of that will still set you back S$132. A 450ml bottle of Shu's Cleansing Oil usually lasts me about 3 months with daily use. Their cleansing oils are indeed expensive but they do work very well. You can also purchase them at cheaper prices in airport dutyfree in Singapore and other East Asian countries. For example, Shu Uemura's prices at the Narita airport dutyfree are about 20-25% cheaper than the normal retail prices in Japan.

The bottle on the left features calligraphy by the late brand founder, Mr Uemura, while the pink bottle on the right is from the Shu by Ai Yamaguchi collection in 2006.

For this month, Shu Uemura is offering a 20ml bottle of the new Fresh Cleansing Oil at all its counters in exchange for any empty/used cleanser worth at least $35. This offer is while stocks last. Do also check out their Facebook page for news on product launches and promotions.


Tricia said...

I would love to try this, thanks for the review.

Have you tried DHC mild cleansing oil (Pink and Charming bottle)? I usually buy from HK or Taiwan but it is now available in some of the Watsons in SG. Try Tampines! It's more expensive here but still affordable at $37+. I love it!

Haru said...

hi Tricia,
I think I tried a sample of the DHC cleansing oil many years ago so I don't remember too much about it. I've got to focus on using up my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils so I won't be trying any other brands for the near future but thanks for the recommendation!

makeupmag said...

I love your beautiful collection of Shu CO bottles; thanks for sharing. :)

Winnie said...

Hi and do you use clarisonic with this cleansing oil? Thanks.

Haru said...

hi Winnie,
Nope, the Clarisonic should be used with foaming face cleansers, not cleansing oils. I use the Clarisonic with either Jurlique Foaming Face Washing or the Shiseido White Lucent facial cleanser. For the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, I just massage it in with my fingertips, add water to emulsify and then rinse off.

Kas said...

The designed-bottles are really so pretty! I really like this new Shu Uemura one :)

Light Love said...

oh goodness i'm dying to try out the shu uemura cleansing oils!! thanks for the review!

pinky with lashes said...

saw u at wisma atria isetan last earlier this week!

i think u look younger real life and i like your floral dress :D

Anonymous said...

you used up the CO really quickly! i took around 1.5 years to finish a 450ml bottle (the blue one) with almost daily use (maybe 5 to 6 days a week)!

Haru said...

I usually use 3 pumps per application, that's why I use up one bottle relatively fast. Shu Uemura recommends using 3-4 pumps.