Sunday, 1 May 2011

Canmake Cheek & Cheek

Canmake's new Cheek & Cheek powder blush duos are now available at Watsons stores in Singapore. The normal retail price is S$18.90 but these are now going at the special price of S$16.90. In Japan, they retail at 714yen (S$10.80).

The Cheek & Cheek duos are not limited edition.

#1 Candy Flower

#2 Rose Tiara

#3 Gerbera Kiss

#4 Love Blossom

The lighter shades in the duos tended to look slightly chalky while the darker shade are quite well pigmented. None of the shades looked frosty or very shimmery. Of the four, I liked #4 and #1 best. You can see swatches also on Everbluec.

The Canmake website recommends two ways of applying the blushes. To help make the face look slimmer, apply the lighter shade along and under the cheek bone and then apply the darker shade at the apple of the cheek. For a more girlish look, apply the darker shade at the apple of the cheek and the light shade blended in a ring around it.


galpal.hi said...

All of the colors look really pretty swatched. I wasn't too impressed with #3 when I saw your picture but loved the way the swatch looked. Thanks for sharing!


Elaine said...

Hello Iris!
Thanks for the swatches! I had asked friend to buy #01 & #04 while I was away... Now I am tempted to get #03 after seeing your swatches! ^^

faye lu said...

love the quality ofcanmake blush. thanks for sharing iris x

Anonymous said...

How do these compare with Gransenbon? Are they as pigmented? :)

Haru said...

Gransenbon's blushes are more shimmery and feel silkier to touch, whereas the Canmake blushes have more of a soft satin finish when applied. The Canmake blushes do have tiny shimmer particles if you look closely at them but these are not very obvious when applied.

Anonymous said...

do they contain mineral oil?

Jenni said...

gorgeous swatches! i can't wait to try them in person when they land in Hong KOng :)

mulberrytea said...

Actually for the second look I believe you are supposed to put the lighter shade A on first in a large circle, then layer a smaller circle of darker shade B. The premise of this blush is that you can wear the two colors separately or blend your own shade, so I think they are intended to be layered in this look.

Haru said...

Hi mulberry tea,
The instructions in Japanese for the second look are to use "B" (the darker shade) in step 1 on the apples of the cheeks. Step 2 is to apply "A" around B n blend. You can see the shades clearly noted in the steps.