Saturday, 14 May 2011

Paul & Joe L'Horizon Bleu

Paul & Joe launched the first part of its L'Horizon Bleu summer collection at Takashimaya today.

The Eye Color B (S$35), Lip Gloss B (S$35) and Eye Gloss Duo (S$46) are now available while the rest of the collection will follow in June. Isetan will have the collection at their next Private Sale on 25 May.

Kas and I dropped by the counter just in time to see Paul & Joe's makeup artist from the Philippines, Bond Martinez in action demonstrating how to create day and night looks using the summer collection.

On the fresh-faced 16-year old model, he used his finger to apply the Eye Color B #1 Le Midi as a wash over the eyelids and then dabbed on the shimmery white shade from the Eye Gloss Duo B #1 Smooth Sailing.

He finished the day look by applying mascara and Lip Gloss B #1 L'Horizon Bleu.

To create a slightly more dramatic look for night, he used a brush to blend Eye Color B #2 Adrift into the outer half of the lid and #3 Tranquility to contour the crease. He also dabbed on the blue shade from Eye Gloss B #1 Smooth Sailing to further intensify the look.

After applying eyeliner to both the upper and lower lashlines, he also smudged Eye Color B #1 Le Midi along the lower lashline. On the lips, he applied Lip Gloss B #2 Swept Away, which has a touch more colour than #1 L'Horizon Bleu.

Here are swatches of the Eye Gloss Duos, five of which are permanent while three are limited edition. These have either a metallic finish or a more sparkly finish. Once they set, they did not budge even when rubbed but they were easily removable with my Dove Oil Foam Cleansing.

The three Eye Gloss B duos below are limited edition.

Here's what I came home with :-)

From left: Lip Gloss B #1 L'Horizon Bleu, #2 Swept Away and #3 Sailor's Delight.

Eye Gloss B #1 Smooth Sailing and #3 Depth.

Eye Color B #1 Le Midi

Love the whimsical whale print for this season's GWP pouches! Both pouches are very well made and feature gold whale charms on the zippers. The smaller pouch is the gift with purchase of S$160. Both pouches are lightly padded.

The larger case is very roomy and easily fits Paul & Joe's skincare and bodycare products including the Intensive Whitening Essence, Body & Hair Mist etc.

The gift for spending $200 is the large case, plus a full size Protective Fluid Foundation N #31, Pearl Powder #5 and a deluxe sample of the Cleansing Milk.


Anonymous said...

Hi Iris, I love your blog! But I was wondering if you know any website that I can sell my second hand make up in singapore? Because I have accumulated way too much and would love to sell some away. Was thinking about selling it through my blog but my blog has no exposure. Would appreciate if you could give some advice(: thanks so much!

Haru said...

The only website I know of is Cozycot which has a Mall section for people to sell their items but I think you have to be a cardmember to be able to list items there for sale. I don't frequent Cozycot anymore so I'm not sure of the rules.

Ali said...

Hi, just wanted to ask if you will be posting swatches of any of the nail/lip glosses? I live in the US so I won't be getting them any time soon, but I have been dying to see them!

Anonymous said...

the whale print is incredibly cute! -h.

Haru said...

hi Ali,
You can see swatches here:

Rachel said...

I love the large case! But unfortunately P&J products don't really work for me.. if only P&J sold the cases separately! I find that US and French makeup brands suit me far better than Asian ones :(

For the anonymous person above - there is a livejournal community where people sell cosmetics items, but sales can only be posted on weekends: Still, it's definitely quite a happening community and one can get some good bargains there.

Hazel said...

Hi,is that the new protective fluid foundation S I spy among your haul?Could you do a review after you used it?Thanks so much.:)

Haru said...

hi Hazel,
Yup, I purchased the new Fluid Foundation S. Will write a review hopefully by next week!

Shino said...

Hi can you tell me that the eye gloss duo #3 depth the side is purple one side is what colour? Is that orange ? Do you think it is worth buying? And can it layer over powder or cream eye shadow? Thank you for this great post! The swatches really help me a lot.

Haru said...

Hi shino,
The orange half applies as a sheer orange tint with some sparkles. It can be used on its own or as a base under powder eyeshadow. I haven't tried applying it over otter eyeshadows. It's not bad but not a must have in my opinion. It's cheaper to buy it on if you are interested in it.