Sunday, 8 May 2011

My Beauty Diary Chocolate Mask

Spotted this new My Beauty Diary "I Love Chocolate. I Love Rose. I Love Mom" set at Guardian Pharmacy in Ion Orchard yesterday!

The set includes 6 pieces each of the Chocolate Mask and the Bulgarian White Rose Mask. Retailing at S$18.90, that works out to be $1.57 per sheet mask. The set is exclusive to Guardian Pharmacy. The masks were manufactured in January 2011 and have an expiry date of January 2014.

I like to use My Beauty Diary masks when my skin is looking dull and dehydrated. I've tried the Chocolate Mask before and the chocolate scent takes a bit of getting used to but otherwise, it works pretty much like any other My Beauty Diary mask and leaves my skin looking more hydrated and nourished.

Also spotted the new Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara (S$23.90) at Watsons. There are only six reviews on for this mascara, which is supposed to provide lush lashes rivalling false lashes. It seems like most of the reviewers preferred Heroine Make's Long & Curl mascara to Impact Frame & Curl. Some reviewers mentioned that Impact Frame & Curl was good at keeping the curl of lashes but not for separating the lashes. The bulky brush also tends to get mascara on the eyelids by mistake. Impact Frame & Curl is priced at 1470yen in Japan, quite a bit higher than Heroine Make's other mascaras which are 1050yen.

The Impact Frame & Curl Mascara has a comb side for adding volume to the lashes (step 1 in the diagram) and a "separate brush" for helping to separate the lashes (step 2). The "compact head" at the tip of the brush is for use on the lower lashes and fine lashes at the inner corners. You can read Lotus Palace's review of the mascara here.


Light Love said...

OOO! now i really want to get my hands on the masks now! <3

Anonymous said...

Thank you..thank you so much..i have been looking for these chocolate mask for the loooongest time..i can't wait to try this at last..

Kas said...

I saw that new Heroine mascara too and I was so tempted to pick it up - stopped myself only because of the numerous mascaras at home!