Sunday, 1 May 2011

Uniqlo Cath KIdston Shirts and Tunics

Thanks to a tip-off from a reader, I learnt that the Cath Kidston shirts and tunics were in stock at Uniqlo's store in 313@Somerset.

The shirts are going at S$49.90 while the longer tunics are going at S$69.90. I didn't see any "S" sizes, only "M" and "L".

I came home with one tunic and two shirts. Like the T-shirts, these are made of 100% cotton and feel very soft. They are somewhat translucent though when held up to the light.

I liked the small details on the shirts like the inner lining with a polka-dot print at the sleeves and collars, as well as the strip of fabric that holds the rolled up sleeves in place.

Looking forward to the Care Bears T-shirts, which should arrive in mid-May.

I also like the look of the Pirates of the Caribbean T-shirt with the swords arranged in a heart shape.

Below are the mens' T-shirts in the Pirates collection.


Anonymous said...

Didn't know that Uniqlo stocked 'S' sizes for the tunics! I hadn't seen any for any of their designs so I assumed there weren't any? This was in addition to the fact that a salesperson said the smallest they stocked was an 'M', so I'll try to spot some 'S' sizes the next time!

Nice haul by the way!

Haru said...

Ah ok, that may be why I didn't see any "S" sizes! I just assumed that they had sold out first.

IniQx said...

*squeals* i love the tunics! thanks for the info - shall check it out before stock runs out! any idea if it's avail at other Uniqlo outlets as well?

Haru said...

I think the shirts and tunics are only available at the 313@Somerset store. The Uniqlo store at Vivocity did not have them.

makeupmag said...

Definitely want a couple of the Care Bears ones; they're very cute, plus the sleeves look ok to me! :D

Anonymous said...

hi Iris

can update when the care bear tees are here?will rush down hehe think most prob will get all design:)


Liz said...

When will the pirates of the carribean shirts be at the stores?

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Are all proceeds of Uniqlo Cath Kidston clothes going to charity?

Haru said...

hi Liz,
I don't have any info on when the Pirates collection will be here. You should check with Uniqlo directly.

According to the Uniqlo UK website, "Cath Kidston and Uniqlo will make donations from the net proceeds of sale to fund an initiative supporting a safe motherhood program in Zambia."

I think that means only part of the net proceeds will go to charity.

tiggercheeze said...

i bought uniqlo cath kidston tshirts in taiwan, but i didnt see any of the shirts type tops..